If Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg didn’t know who Diamond and Silk were before today, he sure as hell knows who they are now.

The Trump-supporting duo, famous for their lively videos boosting the President, just got a much-needed assist from sitting GOP lawmakers, who challenged Zuckerberg on Facebook’s suppression of conservative voices.

Earlier this week, we learned that Diamond and Silk were censored on Facebook, having their reach cut significantly. The ladies went on “Fox and Friends” to express their dissatisfaction:

The timing turned out to be fortuitous. Zuckerberg took the hot seat this week before Congress to address numerous matters related to privacy and Facebook’s role in the 2016 election. Most of what happened during the hearings were too dumb to repeat. But, Zuckerberg did end up facing some tough questions about conservative censorship, specifically Diamond and Silk. First, Sen. Ted Cruz laid into Zuckerberg over conservative content being suppressed. Then Rep. Marsha Blackburn stuck up for Diamond and Silk, asking why Zuckerberg thinks it’s OK to censor the ladies:

Then Rep. Billy Long got into the action, asking the same type of question:

It’s about time Zuckerberg was held to account for censoring innocent women like Diamond and Silk! Unfortunately, his lack of a clear answer shows little compunction for the fate of Diamond, Silk, and other conservative personalities. What a shame.

Did you enjoy watching Mark Zuckerberg have to answer tough questions about Facebook censoring conservatives? Tell us your thoughts below!

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