Mark Cuban Says ‘Screw You’ To Elizabeth Warren, ‘Soak the Rich’ Progressives

Mark Cuban slammed progressive politicians who run on a 'tax the rich' platform, particularly singling out a Senator from Massachusetts saying, "Screw you, Elizabeth Warren."
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Billionaire Mark Cuban slammed progressive politicians who run on a ‘tax the rich’ platform, particularly singling out a Senator from Massachusetts saying, “Screw you, Elizabeth Warren.”

Cuban, the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and star of the hit show “Shark Tank,” made the comments during an appearance at the 2022 annual Code Conference from Vox Media in Los Angeles.

The eccentric billionaire businessman said he has no issue with paying more taxes, but argued that antagonizing successful business leaders is terrible economics.

“I don’t mind being taxed more,” Cuban insisted. “I wrote a blog 20 years ago saying it’s the most patriotic thing you can do, after military service, is pay your taxes, because that’s what allows everybody to live and to prosper.”

“But, yeah, the idea of just ‘soak the rich, billionaire tears that fill that cup’ — screw you, Elizabeth Warren, you’re everything wrong with politics.”

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Mark Cuban Says ‘Screw’ Elizabeth Warren

Billionaire Mark Cuban seems to have a particular disdain for Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

In an interview with Fox Business last year, Cuban had similar criticisms of the one-time presidential candidate.

“I don’t think Elizabeth Warren knows at all what she’s talking about when she deals with this,” he explained. “I think she just likes to demonize people that are wealthy and that’s fine.”

Cuban focused on Warren’s platform on taxing unrealized gains.

“It’s a great political move for her, but I just don’t think that they really understand the implications of taxing unrealized gains,” he said at the time.

“People are going to have to sell things they otherwise would not sell. People are not going to make the same investments.”

In 2019, he tweeted that Warren’s efforts to ‘tax the rich’ were “as much to divert attention from her income and net worth as anything else.”

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Despises Warren So Much He Thought About Voting For Trump

Mark Cuban’s disdain for Elizabeth Warren runs so deep that her possible presence on the Democrat ticket in 2016 caused him to consider voting for Donald Trump in 2016, a man he once predicted would tank the economy as President.

In September of 2016, Cuban said he “can’t think of anybody more dangerous as president than Donald Trump.”

But, also in 2016, he said he’d vote for Trump if Hillary Clinton picked Warren as her running mate.

“We need to be more center. This country needs solutions, right? We don’t need headline porn,” Cuban said adding, “there’s a good chance I’ll vote for Donald Trump” if Warren was added to the Democrat ticket.

In an interview with The Political Insider in 2016, Cuban suggested he’d be willing to work for the candidate of either party because “the best solutions to problems come from people who have different perspectives.”

Cuban at the time suggested the system prevented independent candidates from ever running for President.

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“Ballot access laws in each state are ridiculous,” he told The Political Insider. “The state of Texas requires 50,000 signatures to get on the ballot. The system needs to change. It is structured to keep new candidates and parties off of the ballots.”

“Our best and brightest can’t run for president in this country,” Cuban said. “The system is set to prevent individuals from choosing to run for president.”

Warren, meanwhile, has suggested she could never win the presidency because she doesn’t have a penis.

“Everyone comes up to me and says, ‘I would vote for you, if you had a penis,’” Warren said according to a book by NBC News correspondent Ali Vitali titled, Electable: Why America Hasn’t Put a Woman in the White House … Yet.

The comment prompted Senator Ted Cruz to respond, “In today’s Democrat Party, how do we know she doesn’t?”

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