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Man Asks Joe Biden ‘Why Did You Molest All Those Girls on C-SPAN?’

Someone had to say it.

It’s no secret that former Vice President Joe Biden has, well, let’s call it an “issue” with women. There are enough examples out there of Biden’s handsy behavior, but here is just a sample:

That’s creepy. It’s Harvey Weinstein-style creepy, in fact.

Now that Joe Biden is putting out some serious feelers about running for president, many are expecting his too-friendly behavior with women to pop back up in the media.

From InfoWars:

Howard Caplan attended the Global Institute of Long Island University’s event featuring speaker Joe Biden and took the opportunity to call the former Vice President out regarding viral videos showing him groping young women.

“Why did you molest all those girls on CSPAN?” Caplan shouted.

He continued, “It’s all on YouTube. You know you did it, everybody’s seen it!”

In the midst of his protest security escorted Caplan out of the event as the crowd booed and shouted, “Get out of here.”

Take a look at the confrontation below:

Philly Voice covered Caplan’s stunt, citing tweets below:

It doesn’t appear that Biden acknowledged the outburst. Even so, it’s always nice when public officials are served a reminder that we the people are watching and keeping notes.

What did you think of Caplan confronting Biden about his eccentric behavior? Tell us your thoughts below!