Major Survey Results Show Biden Loses to Trump Again and Again in Potential 2024 Matchup

A new national survey conducted by McLaughlin and Associates shows that former President Donald Trump beats current President Joe Biden if the two go face to face in the 2024 election. This also marks the 12th month straight that Trump has defeated Biden according to their monthly results.

The pollsters told the Washington Examiner this week that “Trump’s 48%-44% lead” signals disaster for the sitting POTUS.

“President Biden is in big trouble. He’s losing to Trump 48%-44% and is very vulnerable to a primary,” said the pollsters. The same survey indicated that only 26% of Democrats would commit to Biden if faced with a Democratic primary.

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Not Great for Biden

The survey also asked respondents how they felt about the temperature of the nation. Voters showed by a margin of 65%-30% that they believe that the country is heading into a bad direction. 

According to the Examiner “79% said their household finances finances have been affected by the slumping economy.” Whether it’s inflation, the continuing supply crisis, or conflict in Ukraine, all roads lead to Biden’s White House.

This becomes more clear as the survey shows Biden’s current favorable rating has remained at a stagnant 44%, with 52% of respondents holding an unfavorable view of him and his administration.

His support among the Democratic base doesn’t show much confidence either. Another survey released in early February from The Associated Press-NORT Center for Public Affairs Research shows “just 37% of Democrats say want him to seek a second, down from 52%” from right before the 2022 midterms.

While 57% of GOP voters desire for Trump to become the party nominee a third time, this actually marks a significant drop and becomes his lowest level of party support within the past two years. However, if he were the 2024 nominee, 76% of Republicans would back him in the general election.

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Bigger Field by the Day

While the number of contenders in the GOP field continues to swell, Trump still continues to maintain a superior lead. The McLaughlin and Associates survey reaffirms this, showing that he beats popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “42%-26% among all Republicans.” If Republicans had to choose today between DeSantis and Trump, Trump would win that contest 56% to 38%.

This obviously means things aren’t looking great for the other announced and yet-to-be announced candidates such as former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley at 6% and potential candidate, former Vice President Mike Pence who is around 5%. 

“In 2016, the political establishment told us right through the end that Trump couldn’t win,” McLaughlin said. “Now, they are going all out because they are afraid he will win.”

They also added that “Donald Trump still represents the working families of the heartland of America who the establishment elites keep exporting. Over the past two years, for the first two years, America has gone backwards. Inflation is too high, the economy is weak, the border is wide open, crime is increasing, and young men and women are dying from fentanyl. America’s working middle class is angry.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the survey results? Let us know in the comments below.

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