Major Fail: Nadler Doesn’t Swear in Witnesses at Judiciary Impeachment Hearings

Two counsels for both the Democrats and Republicans had opening statements in Monday‚Äôs impeachment inquiry hearing, but there was one major problem–House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler failed to swear them in.

Though it no unusual for staff members to not be sworn in, witnesses must be sworn in so that when they deliver their testimony it is under oath.

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Dubious Claims

When Democrat counsel Barry Berke and Republican Counsel Stephen Castor both delivered their opening statements, neither were technically under oath. The Democrats’ witness in particular made a number of problematic assertions, falling somewhere between dubious at best and outright false at worst.

Breitbart reports, Berke claimed that State Department staffer David Holmes had ‘heard it from the president himself’ when he testified that President Donald Trump was interested in Ukraine conducting investigations.”

“In fact, Holmes had not heard anything directly from the president. Rather, he claimed to have overheard part of a conversation on a mobile phone between U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland and the president,” Breitbart notes. “Sondland was at an outdoor table at a restaurant at the time, and Holmes had been drinking wine with him and two other staffers.”

“Despite a habit of taking notes, and despite the fact that he later emailed the U.S. embassy in Sweden about a part of the conversation dealing with then-jailed U.S. rapper A$AP Rocky, Holmes never wrote down what he later claimed he heard the president telling Sondland,” Breitbart reports. “Berke suggested, however, that he heard the president first-hand.”

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Just Another Example of Democrats’ Gross Incompetence

In other words, how can anyone believe anything this guy says?

Did Jerry Nadler perhaps just unintentionally do this man a favor by rescuing him from perjury charges by not swearing him in?

How could anyone on the House Judiciary Committee miss something so crucial to the inquiry? Especially its Chairman?

This kind of ineptness has run rampant throughout this charade, and Nadler’s gross incompetence is simply the icing on the cake.

Polls show Americans are souring on impeachment more than ever. Are Jerry Nadler and his party doing Donald Trump a big 2020 favor without even knowing it?

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