MAGA Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Answers on 73,000 ‘Gotaways’ at the Border in November

Marjorie Taylor Greene has a few questions following a report indicating that a record number of "gotaways" - over 73,000 - have been recorded at the southern border.
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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has a few questions following a report indicating that a record number of “gotaways” – over 73,000 – have been recorded at the southern border.

“Gotaways” represent illegal aliens who escape into the U.S. without being successfully tracked or apprehended. 

“Who and where are all the gotaways?” Greene asked.

The Georgia Republican went on to openly wonder if losing track of the illegal immigrants poses a threat to Americans.

“What are they doing or planning to do?” she questioned. “Why doesn’t anyone in the Biden admin even care?”

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Gotaways Are Growing

Greene’s questions stem from a report from Fox News showing the border crisis is getting worse, with the number of “gotaways” growing larger and larger with each passing day.

National correspondent Bill Melugin reveals that multiple sources at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have confirmed the number of known “gotaways” at over 73,000 in November.

That number represents a daily average of at least 2,400 illegal immigrants managing to evade Border Patrol. And again, that is what is known. How many are unknown?

The 2,400 per day marks a steep increase over the average number of “gotaways” in fiscal year 2022 – 1,600 – and the average number of “gotaways” from January 21, 2021 through September 30, 2021 (the end of FY 2021) – 1,200.

It’s almost as if the number has surged since the midterm elections. It’s almost as if illegal immigrants have been pouring over the southern border at a higher rate after Republicans failed to gain control of the Senate and barely grabbed control of the House.

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The border remains open. And they know it.

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The Problem is About to Get Worse

The Biden administration’s border crisis is set to get much worse with the looming end to Title 42 – a public health directive used to turn illegal immigrants at the southern border away due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A federal judge has ruled Title 42 to be unlawful, allowing a slight delay with its release set for December 21st.

The National Border Patrol Council predicts a “s***show” when the order expires.

How bad will it be? Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t the only one worried – Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), Mark Kelly (AZ), Maggie Hassan (NH), and Jon Tester (MT) wrote to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas expressing “deep concern” about the end of Title 42.

“Record annual encounters have led to untenable situations. In Arizona, shelters have been forced well beyond capacity. This month, El Paso has seen over 700 migrants released directly onto city streets due to overcrowding,” they wrote.

“This is not safe, and creates a dangerous situation for migrants and communities.”

The Political Insider reported earlier this month – one day prior to the election – on a video showing hundreds of illegal immigrants casually crossing the southern border.

The video demonstrates that a vast majority of them are single adults, appearing in good spirits and in good shape, meeting absolutely no resistance from authorities. They are well-fed and well-clothed.

They aren’t starving children clamoring to get in as a means to escape their war-torn countries, to escape poverty and decrepit living circumstances.

That is an invasion, pure and simple. And somehow, voters gave control of the Senate back to the same Democrats who have allowed the invasion to continue unabated.

The Political Insider also reported in September on the shifting demographics of those crossing the border.

Agents from the Border Patrol have reportedly been processing people from over 115 countries at bustling crossing locations – with hardly any of them being from Mexico.

Additionally, a total of 98 individuals on the terror watchlist have been arrested in 2022, nearly four times the total of the previous five years combined.

Think any of those individuals might have been on the “gotaways” list as well?

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