Rush Limbaugh argued that the “scare tactics” used by people who push for coronavirus lockdown resemble those used by climate change alarmists.

Limbaugh: ‘Every Day We Get Some New Scare Tactic From Some Supposedly Credible Source’

Speaking on his radio show on Thursday, Limbaugh began by drawing comparisons between the climate change alarmists, who have been wildly predicting the end of the world for decades, and the coronavirus alarmists.

“‘Rising sea leaves in the next 20 years could wipe out New York, Miami, and maybe even Philadelphia!’ The predictions keep changing,” Limbaugh said. “They get more dire. They get more dangerous, more extreme — and the reason for it is, they’re not able to scare people sufficiently about the impending doom.”

Since the 1980s, the climate change soothsayers have been saying that “dire consequences await if we do nothing, and the predictions are all for different periods of time… [and] long-term because they know people alive today won’t be alive the end of the prediction period to judge whether they were right or wrong,” the esteemed radio host noted. Limbaugh slammed these as a series of “scare tactics,” noting that there is now a “similar type of reporting with the coronavirus:”

It seems like every day we get some new scare tactic from some supposedly credible source. And what generally happens is after some reporting of what everybody would consider good news, in less than a day, a couple of stories come along, maybe three, that try to throw cold water on the good news and make it sound even worse than it was the day before — and that’s what this is. This is just… It’s irresponsible the way this stuff is being reported, and the reason it’s being reported the way it is is because it’s all political now.

Rush Limbaugh: Dems Will Keep Economy Locked Down To Ensure Trump Loses

Rush Is Right – We Need Sensible Debate, Not Alarmism!

Rush is absolutely right here. In fact, there is no better proof that the climate change alarmist tactics have taken control of the coronavirus narrative, than the fact that Greta Thunberg was invited by CNN onto an “expert” panel on the topic! As somebody who believes that the lockdown procedures are and have been necessary, I feel it’s the responsibility of me and others to point out where the narrative is being controlled and manipulated by Democrats and leftists to screw our economy, and from looking at it objectively, that’s absolutely what’s happening now.

We need to ignore the alarmists who say we can’t roll back the lockdown until we get a vaccine, because that was never the goal. We can’t halt the entire economy for months and stop literally everyone from dying from the coronavirus, because that was never the goal. Anyone who pays attention to this debate should keep calling out where the goalposts have shifted, so that we can save lives and defeat the virus, while at the same time protecting our economies and our communities.