Liberal Jimmy Kimmel Attacks Herschel Walker As Dumb and ‘Unintelligible’

Late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel mocked Herschel Walker as too dumb to understand basic math and labeled him "unintelligible" in a recent monologue.
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Channel

Late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel mocked Herschel Walker as too dumb to understand basic math and labeled him “unintelligible” in a recent monologue.

The ABC host initially suggested a staffer would have to explain to Walker what a runoff was because he was too slow to understand how the percentages in Georgia election law work.

“Imagine being the staffer who had to explain that one to Herschel Walker,” he joked.

Imitating said staffer he said, “‘You got 48% which is less than 50%.'”

“‘Who?'” he replied, emulating Walker as confused.

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Jimmy Kimmel Says Herschel Walker ‘Unintelligible’

As if that weren’t enough, Jimmy Kimmel’s bit then flat-out referenced Herschel Walker as “unintelligible.”

“Despite the fact that he didn’t get more votes than his opponent,” Kimmel told the mostly white audience, “Herschel remained unfazed and unintelligible.”

He then took joy in the fact that a runoff means another month of Walker on the campaign trail, something he referred to as “a gift from the comedy Gods.”

It was a line of attack from a marginal comedian who once used blackface to mock black athletes. A line of attack which would have ruined most conservative personalities if they tried doing the same to a black Democrat.

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Is Kimmel’s Attack Racist?

This isn’t the first time Jimmy Kimmel has described Herschel Walker as “dumb” and “so stupid.”

And the faux comedian has a history of taking racist jabs at black athletes. Just ask Hall of Fame basketball player Karl Malone.

Kimmel did multiple skits in which he mocked NBA legend and member of the famed Dream Team by donning blackface and proceeding to butcher the English language in an attempt to portray ‘The Mailman’ as ignorant.

In one skit Kimmel as Malone talks “about white people getting deducted by alien.” He sports blackface, a black bald cap, and apparently spray for his arms and legs.

In another episode, Kimmel speaks as Malone promoting Mardi Gras.

“Ya’ll love them naked boobies, so Karl Malone tell you about Mardi Gras in New Orleans,” he says.

Kimmel has since apologized for the skits and said they were ‘impersonations’ that he finds “embarrassing” because he has “evolved and matured.”

But his consistent attacks against Herschel Walker are only missing the makeup at this point. They are racist not just by the ‘if a Republican ever did this’ aspect, but by the fact that he has a pattern of looking down on black athletes playing to his white audience.

Walker, however, continues to handle himself with class despite the attacks.

MSNBC contributor Elie Mystal this past summer called him “clearly unintelligent” and “what Republicans want from their negroes.”

Walker replied by suggesting his critics “need Jesus” in their lives.

Walker will face Democrat opponent Senator Raphael Warnock in a runoff in Georgia on December 6th.

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