Liberal Filmmaker Michael Moore’s Election Eve Meltdown – Trump Has The Nuclear Football

michael moore nuclear football

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore took his doomsday election predictions to new heights, ominously stating that, if he loses, a lame-duck Trump will still be carrying the nuclear football

Moore is no stranger to controversial statements, but hinting at possible nuclear war is a new level of disaster scenarios levied by the director of “Bowling for Columbine.”

Michael Moore: Trump Will Still Hold The Nuclear Football

In a video on Facebook Live, Moore laid out his Doomsday vision of what happens if President Trump should lose to Joe Biden.

“He has more than two months before he’s done on Biden’s inauguration day. And remember, there’s no inauguration for Biden unless everybody gets out and votes,” Moore explained.

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“… But assuming this happens, I think it’s actually legitimate to say it’s a fairly scary time here for these next two months, two-and-a-half months. And what are we going to do?”

He goes on: “You don’t even want to think of the fact that that soldier who goes with him everywhere with a briefcase is still going to be with him for two-and-a-half months, with the nuclear codes. Just that alone — it might be something we have to fix in the future.”

Moore didn’t elaborate on what, exactly, the danger is supposed to be. 

Does he think Trump is going to take his anger out on some poor, unsuspecting country by launching nukes at them, unprovoked? 

What country? Moore doesn’t say. 

Moore’s Proposed Constitutional Change

He did, however, seem to propose a Constitutional change to the office of the presidency: 

“I think like once you’re voted out, the U-Haul should pull up the next day and that’s that.”

The Constitution states that the President shall hold office for four years, not three years and nine months. 

Presidential transitions are no simple matter, and can’t take place in a mere matter of hours. 

Individuals must be screened and chosen for service. Concrete policy plans and the strategy to carry them out must be adopted. 

Many cabinet and high-level positions must be approved by the Senate.

It’s not as simple as dragging away the incumbent overnight in a U-Haul. 

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Alas, Democrats Are Safe If Trump Loses

Moore seemed to send a mixed message during this video – despite President Trump holding the nuclear football for two months if he loses, Democrat voters should feel safe. 

Because Trump voters are alcoholics: 

When another fan asked whether they could feel safe in their home on election night, given that they live in “Trump country,” Moore replied: “Yes, I think so. Other than Trump people, Trumpsters that also have a thing with alcohol — obviously that’s always a problem — generally I’m just not going to worry about them. Their bark is bigger than their bite. … We give them power when they’re afraid, so let’s not do that.”

Moore Predicted Trump’s Victory In 2016

Moore not only predicted that Donald Trump would be the eventual Republican nominee, he predicted Trump’s victory four years ago.

Moore saw what the Clinton campaign didnt; namely that Trump would break through the “Blue Wall” on his path to victory.

“I know that they [the Trump campaign] are planning to focus on Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. That’s how he can win the election,” Moore said.

“If he can get those upper kind of Midwestern-type states, then he can pull it off.” 

This go-around, Moore’s commentary has been much more off-the-wall. 

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In October, Moore claimed that President Trump was “killing off his supporters.” 

He also proclaimed that a majority of Americans are no longer proud to be American as a result of Trump’s presidency.

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