Let Me Tell You What To Expect Over The Next Few Months Leading Up To 2020 Election!


What should we expect over the next couple of months, before the general election — mayhem!

Democrats know their time is running out and their resistance attempt was a complete failure. They have lost their mojo in telling the American people how to think and who to vote for and right now they are pulling on strings.

With that said, I have a few things that we should all look toward in reference to what will be happening between now and November.

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Democrats will make their convention about Trump in the worst way imaginable, even though many believe his leadership has been exemplary, given the circumstances.

As a leader, he depends on certain “experts” to keep him informed with actionable information to deal with the Wuhan flu. Unfortunately, the information has proven to be inaccurate and therefore the response to COVID-19 is having a worse-than-the-cause effect on the economy.

The economy will recover and President Trump will provide the leadership, as he did before COVID-19, that will make it happen. Looking for solutions, not blame.


In Democrat-run states where they have deliberately tanked the economy, they will soon run out of tax money to spend. It is well within the Leftist mindset to further the desperation in their populace by stopping the welfare payments because Trump will refuse demands that Washington bails them out. When those government monies dry up and the checks stop, all hell will break loose and those once-great cities will burn.

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If Biden actually makes it to November 3rd, as the Democrats’ presidential candidate, between now and then, Biden like Hillary Clinton in 2016 will become the Invisible Presidential Candidate, and for the very same reason: because their campaign teams can’t risk a negative health episode on the part of the candidate that is too public and caught on too many recording devices like smartphones for those teams to be able to lie about.

In Hillary’s case, it was her physical health, as she demonstrated with her collapse on 9/11/2016, in Biden’s case, it is his MENTAL health what with his clearly advancing senility.

Should Biden actually hold on until November 3, I predict that all we will see from him between now and then is the release of a policy statement every now and again that is ATTRIBUTED to him, but Biden won’t be going out on the stump in public to actually talk about them.

Of course, the problem with such a campaign strategy is that it didn’t work out too well for Hillary, did it?


I’m not so sure that the inner cities WILL explode in violence in response to Trump’s re-election.

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After eight years of having gotten nothing except poorer from the Obama presidency and having fared much better under the Trump presidency, at least until the Coronavirus crisis, I think that black America would be perfectly FINE with four more years of Trump and thus NOT inclined to riot over it, the incitement of their “community leaders” to the contrary notwithstanding.

I think it’s actually WHITE LEFTISTS who would be more inclined to go on the warpath over Trump’s re-election than the inner-city denizens, thus, I think places like COLLEGE CAMPUSES are likelier to become hotspots for violent reaction than our inner cities.


It is, unfortunately, a fact that the mainstream media in the USA acts as the propaganda arm for the Democrat Party. Given this fact, I expect almost every presidential election poll the MSM makes public will really be a push poll. Their purpose will be to diminish the odds of Pres. Trump winning this fall.

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They are not in any way trying to objectively reflect the situation. They are trying to influence the voting public in the leftist Democrat direction. ALWAYS remember this when you come across an MSM poll. The Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll is objective and currently shows president Trump in pretty good shape to be reelected.

One thing to remember: since the 2016 debacle, polls are completely irrelevant and should be avoided at all costs. They have become tools to influence not reflect voter opinion.


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