A Clinton-appointed judge in El Paso has permanently blocked billions of dollars in military funding from being spent on building the southern border wall.

Blocking The Border Wall

In February of this year, President Trump declared a national emergency on the southern border after Democrats and some Republicans in Congress refused to give him the funding that he needed to build the border wall. He argued that the migration crisis was costing the country, both economically and through the crime wave resulting from unchecked mass migration.

With this declaration, the President was able to unlock funding reserved for national crises, including some funding that would be directed from the military. This, of course, upset those on the pro-migration left, and they vowed to stop the President from securing the southern border.

On Tuesday, David Briones, a judge on the Western Texas Federal District Court ruled in favour of El Paso County and Border Network for Human Rights, a pro-migration organisation. Briones argued that the President over-stepped the mark with his declaration, and put a permanent injunction on the use of the money, stopping around $3.6 billion in funding from going to the wall.

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Kristy Parker, the counsel for Protect Democracy, a “pro-democracy” non-profit (which thinks that a democratically elected President is a threat to democracy) that assisted the plaintiffs, released a statement praising the judge’s decision.

“The president’s emergency proclamation was a blatant attempt to grab power from Congress,” she said. “Today’s order affirms that the president is not a king and that our courts are willing to check him when he oversteps his bounds. This is a huge win for democracy and the rule of law.”

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Leader of the House, was also pleased with the outcome, having worked to block funding for the border wall from the start.

“Once again, the courts have resoundingly ruled against the President’s attempt to negate our system of separation of powers, which is the genius of our Constitution, by assaulting Congress’s exclusive constitutional power of the purse,” Pelosi said. “Despite what the President may think, Article II does not mean that he can ‘do whatever he wants.'”

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More Delay to Protecting Our Border

The decision by Briones was disgraceful, but not surprising. Judges, like many other civil servants, are overwhelmingly on the political left.

The deep state doesn’t care one iota for President Trump’s America First agenda, or the wishes of the American people. All they want is to protect the “rights” of non-citizens who swarm over the border, so they can get rich off cheap, exploitable labour. That those who jump the border overwhelmingly vote leftist is another nice little bonus.

The establishment will fight tooth and nail to stop the President from fulfilling his promises to you and your family. The White House is expected to appeal Briones’s decision, but unless it reaches the Supreme Court, where conservatives actually do have some power, the decision will likely remain unaffected.