Left Goes After SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s Child With Down Syndrome

The low attack is all they have.


If you watched the Saturday White House Rose Garden announcement of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court then this is what you saw, loving kids proud of their mom. Just kids. Not white kids, not black kids, just kids.

Liberals Go After Barrett’s Kids

But if you’re a leftist, if raw putrid politics means more to you than family, this is what you thought. First the ideological attack…

Then, the sideways false positive with the sting at the end…


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Then, the absolutely vicious, inhuman, beyond the pale attack against Barrett’s child who has Down Syndrome…

Finally, and we’ve already seen it put in a racist context by others, here is the Marxist class warfare attack that presents Barrett and her family as snobbish virtue signalers…


Barrett Does Not Deserve This

I have a bit of a personal stake in this controversy. The byline you see at the top of this article is not the name I was born with. I was born in an NYC orphanage. My parents gave me this name when they adopted me when I was five months old. My blood family is from Colombia.

So, like the two Barrett kids, I was adopted by American parents, though I was from foreign lineage. In my case, if my birth grandfather hadn’t figured out a plan to have me born in a NYC hospital and placed at a local orphanage, I could have grown up on the very mean streets of Medellin, Colombia (yes, that Medellin, of the cartel and Pablo Escobar) in the early 1960s. My fate would have been far different than it turned out be, probably for the worse.

What would the fate of the Barrett kids have been in a Haitian orphanage or foster home? I don’t know. But Haiti is not Indiana and an institution for kids nobody wants is not a home full of family who love you. In my case, I thank God every day for being born an American.

So when racist academics, pundits, and leftist scum of all sorts claim the Barretts “bought” these kids like they would a designer handbag, it only shows the paucity of their argument. This is all they have, an attack against kids.

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These Attacks Are Despicable

And the Down Syndrome attack? What can you say? There are other examples of it far worse than noted above. I decided not to cite those because our pages would be sullied by the very reference. But a quick Google or Twitter search will show you those out there who are telling Barrett that she should have aborted her son. What kind of animal would say such a thing? A rabid leftist animal.

Not only does this attack smack of the eugenics program advocated by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, but one might remember there was a regime in Germany in the 1930s that started off their genocidal murder spree by first killing “undesirables,” i.e.- the physically and mentally impaired.

That’s where the Left gets its inspiration from. That kind of barbarous savage mindset is what they bring to this debate. And that’s why they will lose and Amy Coney Barrett will sit on the United States Supreme Court.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on September 27, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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