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Leaked Emails Show Hillary Campaign Tried to Portray Obama as a Muslim

hillary obama muslim

A newly released email exchange from WikiLeaks shows that campaign operatives for Hillary Clinton were looking to push an ‘Obama is Muslim’ narrative back in 2008.

This rings very similar to the campaign of birtherism, which was unequivocally started by Hillary’s campaign.

If the following exchange been uttered by Donald Trump or any Republicans, he would immediately have been branded a racist.

In the email between Hillary pollster Kristi Fuksa and top Hillary campaign consultant Paul Begala discussed a list of attacks on Barack Obama that she wanted to add to a survey.

Number 7 on the list read – “Obama (owe-BAHM-uh)’s father was a Muslim and Obama grew up among Muslims in the world’s most populous Islamic country.”

hillary obama muslim

Not only was the group trying to link Obama to the Islamic religion – but they were expressly listing it as a negative attribute!

Fuksa asks Begala to review the “list of negative facts.”

hillary obama muslim

Via the Right Scoop:

A new leaked email exchange by Wikileaks shows that the Hillary campaign was pushing the Muslim Obama narrative back in 2008;

The email exchange was between John Podesta, Paul Begala, and Hillary pollster GQRR back in January of 2008.

One of the statements on the survey of Obama ‘negative facts’ was this one:

* 7 Obama (owe-BAHM-uh)’s father was a Muslim and Obama grew up among Muslims in the world’s most populous Islamic country.

So Hillary thought that Obama growing up around Muslims in an Islamic country was a negative fact? Wow. I guess when you are running for president, liberal tolerance only goes so far.

Other interesting attacks that Hillary’s campaign experimented with in their survey – painting Obama as anti-American and anti-gun.

Obama is “the only candidate at a recent event not to cover his heart during the national anthem and he has stopped wearing an American flag pin” according to negative number one.

He also supported “gay adoption,” voted against the use of handguns for self defense, and did “a little blow (cocaine).”

While the drug use is certainly a negative, it’s interesting to see the Clinton campaign trying to develop a message in the primaries that limiting the Second Amendment and supporting family issues for gay couples were negatives. It’s downright remarkable.

Comment: How hypocritical is it of Hillary Clinton to call Trump a racist, xenophobe, knowing full well her campaign tried to call Obama’s Muslim heritage a negative? Share your thoughts below.

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