Twitter Declines To Invite Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv To Q&A Panel

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Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv recently visited President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in the White House, but Twitter declined to invite him to a Q&A panel featuring his classmates.

Why? Because he’s pro-gun.

Friday, Twitter announced the Q&A panel, which will take place today. Among the guests listed in the announcement are some of Parkland’s most outspoken anti-gun “activists,” including Emma González, Cameron Kasky, and David Hogg, who recently made an utter fool of himself attempting to push his anti-gun message on Twitter.

However, notably absent from the panel are any pro-gun survivors to help balance out the extreme liberal rhetoric. It took Kashuv less than 30 minutes to fire back at Twitter for declining to invite him.

It’s safe to say that Kashuv is far more than just “kinda sorta” an activist. Not only did he meet with the President, but he also met with dozens of lawmakers and other influential figures with whom he shared his pro-Second Amendment message. Furthermore, he’s actually taken action by designing an app called ReachOut which students can use to reach out to one another for emotional support. What actual action have any of the aforementioned anti-gun students taken? How could they accomplish anything when they’re far too busy complaining on social media and turning themselves into DNC darlings?

Following Kashuv’s tweets, Twitter CMO Leslie Berland arranged a separate livestream for Kashuv. However, it’s extremely sad that he was only given a platform on the site after pointing out his exclusion – and the fact is he’s still excluded from the main panel. Twitter can’t have anyone actively challenging the anti-gun agenda, after all.

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