Kayleigh McEnany Walks Away as Jim Acosta Blasts Her For ‘Disinformation’

Kayleigh McEnany walked away from a press briefing where she lashed out at the media for their failure to cover the Hunter Biden scandal, leaving CNN's Jim Acosta to shout one last ridiculous question.

Kayleigh McEnany walked away from a press briefing where she lashed out at the media for their failure to cover the Hunter Biden scandal, leaving CNN’s Jim Acosta to shout one last lonely, attention-seeking question accusing her of disinformation.

The White House Press Secretary addressed the mainstream media’s refusal to cover a scandal that could have swayed the election, blasted them for suppressing information to the American people, and hammering their effort to create a campaign of confusion by alleging it was simply “Russian disinformation” all along.

We’ve covered extensively how the mainstream media essentially worked on behalf of the Biden campaign by covering up the scandal involving President-elect Joe Biden’s son.

“Really interesting turn of events, and good for those who covered what was a story all along and not Russian disinformation,” McEnany said noting how media outlets suddenly had the courage to commit to the story now that the election has concluded.

Acosta replied by shouting, “Isn’t it hypocritical of you to accuse others of disinformation when you spread it every day?”

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Jim Acosta’s Disdain For Kayleigh McEnany

Talk about your textbook lack of self-awareness.

Acosta works for a network no more capable of truthfully covering the news than a tabloid, and he’s got the gall to attack McEnany for disinformation?

CNN’s network, by the way, failed to cover the Hunter Biden scandal because they insisted they could only “follow facts,” finally caught up to the reality of the legal issues he is facing, and blamed their incompetence on Fox News.

It was just two weeks ago that McEnany accused a Playboy reporter in the White House of asking her “misogynistic” and “demeaning questions.”

How are Acosta’s actions any different than the other amateur? Make no mistake – Jim wouldn’t be shouting condescending questions or statements like this to a Biden press secretary.

What exactly does a guy like Acosta plan to do once President Donald Trump is no longer in the White House?

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Acosta Needs His Media Credentials Revoked

New York Times best-selling author Brigitte Gabriel slammed the CNN reporter for his actions and demanded, “Revoke Jim Acosta’s Access!”

In another tweet, her message was essentially the same.

“Jim Acosta is a classless coward,” she wrote. “Shouting insults at the Press Secretary as she walks away. That’s no way to treat someone — his White House press badge should be revoked.”

McEnany, though, manages to hold her own get the better of Acosta rather consistently.

McEnany knocked him down a peg or two when she insisted on finishing her comments and jabbed Acosta by saying “this isn’t a cable news segment.”

She nuked Acosta when he accused police officers over the summer of having “gassed and pummeled protesters.”

“Police officers are out on the front lines,” McEnany replied. “They’re defending and protecting you as you come into this building each and every day, Jim.”

“We owe them honor, we owe them respect. When they’re under attack, they have the ability to defend themselves.”

Despite those glorious efforts by Kayleigh McEnany, the one area that Jim Acosta will never change is this – he absolutely loves himself.

Steve Krakauer, a former senior digital producer for CNN, has blasted Acosta as “self-serving” and “truly an embarrassment, on multiple levels,” complaining that he “give(s) all good journalists a bad name.”

That’s not disinformation.

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