Kayleigh McEnany Rips ‘Lazy’ Jake Tapper After CNN Anchor Claims He Won’t Book Her Because She ‘Lies All The Time’

Tapper McEnany

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany blasted Jake Tapper after the CNN anchor claimed he refuses to have her on his show because she “lies all the time.”

McEnany’s comments were prompted by a segment in which Tapper found a safe space with his intellectually stunted colleague, Brian Stelter, on the show “Reliable Sources,” a misnomer if ever there was one.

Stelter being the friendly purveyor of false information in a network known for false information allowed the opportunity for Tapper to open up.

There “were some people who were just so mendacious I just wouldn’t put them on air,” the CNN anchor said, naming particularly McEnany and Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller.

“These are people that tell lies the way that most people breathe,” Tapper claimed.

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Kayleigh McEnany Responds To CNN’s Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper went on to claim that Kayleigh McEnany “tells lies all the time.”

“She can’t acknowledge reality,” Tapper, who seemingly can’t acknowledge the reality that he works in a field known for lacking honesty and ethics, on a network that excels in lies, said.

“I’m just not going to put somebody like that on air.”

McEnany took to Twitter to flatten Jacob, posting a video segment of Stelter and Tapper’s conversation and labeling it “a therapy session for a broken network.”

“[Tapper] is lazy enough to participate by lobbing baseless personal attacks, with ZERO evidence,” she added before calling out his network for peddling years’ worth of a Russia collusion hoax to the American people.

“Jake’s real problem,” she added. “I do not leak. I do not lie. But I DO call out the lies of the media (i.e. CNN Russia collusion hoax!)”

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Tapper Is A Coward

Senior legal adviser to the President’s campaign, Jenna Ellis, responded to McEnany’s tweet by mocking both Stelter and Tapper.

“(There’s) nothing more than two pathetic figures trying to convince themselves they’re relevant,” tweeted Ellis.

The reality is, Tapper and CNN avoid women like McEnany and Ellis because they’d run circles around the fake news narratives they’re trying to push out on behalf of the DNC.

McEnany has done it time and again.

This past spring she took down CNN anchor Chris Cuomo after he mocked President Donald Trump for taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against coronavirus.

It turned out Cuomo actually took a form of the drug during his own treatment for the virus.

Kayleigh McEnany has repeatedly turned Jake Tapper’s colleague Jim Acosta into a journalistic punching bag.

And she obliterated the media when they tried to call her out for downplaying coronavirus concerns early on in the pandemic.

CNN was also quite guilty of peddling misinformation regarding COVID.

CNN actually declared that “racist assaults and ignorant attacks against Asians” were spreading faster than the pandemic.

Here’s a video of Anderson Cooper downplaying the severity of the coronavirus …

Will Tapper be leaving the network now that he knows his fellow journalists “lie the way that most people breathe”?

It should also be noted that Tapper was too much of a coward to call out Senator Bernie Sanders for telling a blatant lie during a recent interview with him about defunding the police.

“Nobody I know who’s running for office talks about defunding the police,” Sanders lied. “What we talk about is making police officers accountable. That is not defund the police.”

Many Democrats made it clear they were talking about defunding the police, and since then, every member of the ‘Squad’ has made it quite clear that they are indeed pushing the idea.

Is Tapper going to keep Sanders off the air because he “lies all the time”?

Of course not, Tapper is little more than a left-wing propagandist working for a B-list, DNC-approved ‘fake news’ network.

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