Former White House Press Secretary Accuses Kavanaugh Of Lying About Yearbook Quotes But Fails To Back It Up

Nick Givas on October 2, 2018

Former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of lying about quotes from his high school yearbook, despite failing to offer any proof.

“As a political point … go back to the Fox interview. They presented him as an altar boy — as someone who had led a perfect life,” Lockhart said on CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday. Lockhart served as press secretary from 1998-2000 during former President Bill Clinton’s administration.

Lockhart said if Kavanaugh had come forward and admitted any wrongdoing, it would have shown “honesty” and helped the Supreme Court nominee in the long run.

“I think it would have helped. It would have shown a moment of honesty,” he said. “We’re measuring his temperament and his honesty and what we’re finding out is, his temperament is not what we’re looking for in a Supreme Court justice and he’s not the honest.”

Kavanaugh was grilled about notations and references from his yearbook by Senate Judiciary Committee members Thursday, but said none of them were linked to nefarious behavior.

Lockhart claimed it’s “provable” Kavanaugh knowingly lied about his yearbook contents, but then made no effort to offer evidence to back up his claim.

“It sounds trivial that he lied about his yearbook, things in his yearbook. But it’s provable that he knew what these phrases meant and he stood in front of the Senate under oath and said something that’s not the truth,” Lockhart said.

Co-hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota cited a Monday Washington Post article claiming the controversy surrounding Kavanaugh has angered many men across the country and asked if that fury will act as a #MeToo counterweight.

“If Brett Kavanaugh is an avatar of how men — white men are now being victimized and besieged by all of this #MeToo movement, are they as energized as women are?” Camerota concluded.

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