Nick Givas on August 5, 2018

Republican strategist Karl Rove said on “Fox News Sunday” that President Donald Trump’s strategy with the national media is hurting his cause and isn’t working in his favor.

Rove said the Trump administration has a right to stand up and hit back against media bias, but took issue with the manner in which they criticize the press.

“Any White House has the right if it disagrees with coverage to be specific and precise in criticizing that coverage,” Rover said. “If ‘The New York Times’ has a bad story about the Trump administration, I think the administration ought to say ‘we think this is what’s wrong.’”

“But look, the ferocity of these generalized slurs if you will, against the press and the frequency of them is disturbing to me,” he continued.


Rove lost track of how many times Trump went after the media in his latest speech and said the president is only throwing red meat to his base.

“I watched the speech and I lost track about 18 or 19 times that the president went after the press and every time he did that crowd roared its approval,” Rove said. “But that crowd represents the hard-core Trump base. This does not help him with his bigger problem.”

“He is enraging the opposition, while simply reinforcing a much smaller base,” he continued.

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