Karl Rove Is Wrong – Republicans Do NOT Have To Allow The Media To Decide What Is Important

Rove Says Trump Dragging Down GOP For Midterms, 'If You're A Democrat You Love It'
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With around two months to go before the midterm elections, more Republican pollsters and pundits are warning the GOP that the election is not a slam dunk.

On Tuesday, during and appearance on Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Fox News contributor Karl Rove argued that the alleged mishandling of documents by former President Donald Trump is dragging down Republicans.

He’s right, but he’s also wrong.

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Mar-a-Lago Raid 

Rove pointed out to Cavuto that the main topic of political conversation over the last four weeks has been the raid at Mar-a-Lago: “Since the search on Aug. 8, what have we been talking about? We are now shy of one month of talking about this issue. If you’re a Democrat, you love it because Republicans are forced to talk about Trump taking classified documents to Mar-a-Lago.”

It’s an interesting way of putting it, which I’ll return to shortly. 

Rove continued his assessment saying,

“To Republicans, it is also an advantage to not talk about this particular issue but instead talk about the things people are talking about around the kitchen table. Mainly, how to keep up with the rising prices, how good is the economy going to be and what is known about the border and the crime in neighborhoods and communities.”

So families are talking about real-life issues around the kitchen table, and the media is running wild with accusations and speculation about alleged documents. 

Does Rove not see the issue? 


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What’s Going On?

Karl Rove is telling Neil Cavuto that if the Republicans lose in November, it is because they have to spend precious campaign time talking about Donald Trump’s documents. 

I have an idea: stop letting the liberal media tell you what to talk about.

Are Republicans “forced” to talk about Donald Trump? Republicans might have been content to let Democrats set the agenda during Rove’s prime. That doesn’t mean that has to be the case today.

Make Democrats talk about how they have screwed up the country. Change the subject. Make them talk about 40-year high inflation, skyrocketing gas and food prices, record-setting murder rates in every city that has been run by Democrats for decades. 

Make Democrats talk about how the richest state in the richest country in the history of the world is warning about rolling blackouts during a heatwave, but wants to force everyone to drive an electric car by 2035. 

Why do Democrats get to decide what Republicans talk about?

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Key Races Are Tight

Karl Rove and the rest of the talking heads are obviously going on the information they currently have. But “experts” like Rove also know that, while we are only 60 days out from the election, traditionally average voters don’t start really paying attention to the election until after Labor Day. 

Like it or not, abortion may be a bigger factor than Trump’s documents.

Women may have a problem with Republicans on abortion, but they also worry about their kids’ education, the safety of their families, and how much they are going to spend at the grocery store and the gas station. 

John Couvillon is a Louisiana-based pollster. He turned the volume down on Karl Rove and others by saying that while the GOP may have “underestimated the nuanced opinion many people have about abortion,” he added, “Whatever problems they (Republicans) have with women, I’m not yet showing data that it’s widespread enough that you’d have this massive Democratic revival.”

It’s up to Republicans. If they allow a small handful of people who live in New York City and Washington, DC to control the narrative, they will lose. 

They don’t have to.

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