Kari Lake Gives Amazing Response To Jan. 6 Campaign Attack Ad

Kari Lake Gives Amazing Response To Jan. 6 Campaign Attack Ad
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Democrats will always tell you themselves who they are most afraid of. It is pretty obvious they are deathly afraid of Donald Trump, but the 2022 midterm election cycle has produced someone they are almost as equally afraid of: Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Democrats and their propaganda arm, the mainstream media, are at their wits end on how to damage Kari Lake.

They really thought they had a smoking gun in the form of the mother of Capitol Hill police officer Brian Sicknick, who died of natural causes the day after the Capitol Hill riot in January 2021.

A new ad to that effect, produced by The Republican Accountability Act, features Officer Sicknick’s mother Gladys Sicknick blaming Lake by name for her son’s death. In the ad, Gladys Sicknick states, “My son died because of people like Kari Lake.”


The media and Democrats seem to think it was a good blow to Lake. 

They were wrong.

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One Classy Answer

On Wednesday at a campaign stop, a reporter asked Lake about the ad portraying Lake as being responsible for Brian Sicknick’s death.

And here was Lake’s masterful response:

“I am so sorry about the death of your son. It is tragic. I’m a mother myself, and that is, it breaks my heart. That is a wound when you lose a child, no matter how old they are, that never heals. And so I don’t want to disparage her. She doesn’t know me, I wasn’t anywhere near the Capitol on January 6, and I understand that her son died, I think the following day of a stroke or natural causes. And I feel for her, I see the pain in her eyes, and I would never try to disparage or hurt her, because I know a mother that has pain like that, there’s no way to heal that.” 

But Kari Lake didn’t stop there. She equated Gladys Sicknick’s pain at the loss of a child, with other parents that maybe the media doesn’t want to talk about.

She continued, “That’s why I feel for these moms and dads who hit me up on the campaign trail. They grab me, and you can spot them from across the room. There is a loss in their lives that can never be replaced, we’re losing thousands of young people. When they tell me they lost a son to fentanyl, or they’ve lost a daughter to fentanyl poisoning, that is why we are pushing so hard to secure that border.”

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Establishment GOP Annoyed, Dems And Media Petrified

Kari Lake is a rare gem for America First Republicans. Anti-Trump establishment types are annoyed because she is not a female Mitt Romney, and will say exactly what she thinks. She also continues to ask questions about the 2020 presidential campaign, which checks off all the right boxes to annoy everyone. 

For Democrats, the moniker of “election denier” is not an insult for her, but a badge of honor, much in the same vein as being called a “MAGA Republican.” And she places blame for the disaster the nation has become squarely where blame belongs, at their feet. 

But for the media, they are a special kind of scared of Kari Lake. The reason why is she knows their game, and she keeps running circles around them.

Lake spent 22 years at Phoenix’s Fox affiliate, and for most of that time, as an evening news anchor. She knows what they do, and how and why they do it. There is no shortage of video footage of Kari Lake calling out dishonest reporters and journalists for what they are, and dismissing their fraudulent narratives. 

Kari Lake took a despicable dirty campaign ad that exploited a mother’s pain, and gave it a world class response. It is another thing that Kari Lake beat the Democrats on, and it is no doubt driving them crazy.

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