Kamala Harris Mocked For Awkward ‘Word Salad’ In Poland As U.S. Seeks To Help Ukraine

kamala harris word salad

On Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke alongside Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, where she announced the United States would give an additional nearly $53 million to the U.N. World Food Program to help Ukraine. Yet, when she was questioned about the Russia-Ukraine conflict by reporters, her answers sounded like a “word salad.”

Several social media users mocked her “word salad.”

When asked whether she or Poland’s president should respond to a reporter’s question, Harris answered with an awkward laugh.

Finally responding, she said, “The U.N. has set up a process by which there will be a review and investigations, and we will of course participate as appropriate and necessary, but we all watched the television coverage of just yesterday.”

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Harris Is All Over The Place

“That’s on top of everything else that we know and don’t know yet based on what we’ve just been able to see and because we’ve seen it or not doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened,” Harris continued. “But just limit it to what we have seen.”

Harris continued her seemingly scrambled train of thought.

“Pregnant women going for health care being injured by, I don’t know, a missile, a bomb, in an unprovoked, unjustified war, where a powerful country is trying to take over another country, violate its sovereignty, its territorial integrity, for the sake of what?” the vice president said. “Nothing that is justified or provoked?”

“Absolutely there should be an investigation, and we should all be watching, and I have no question the eyes of the world are on — this war — and what Russia has done in terms of this aggression and these atrocities. I have no doubt,” Harris said.

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McCain: ‘Please for the love of God, send a serious person instead’

Harris’s Warsaw comments were not the first time she’s been accused of offering a “word salad” instead of competent and coherent thought.
Last week, former co-host of “The View” Meghan McCain criticized the Biden administration’s decision to send Harris to Warsaw on Twitter, writing, “Please for the love of God, send a serious person instead.”

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