Judgment Day: McCarthy Says Cheney’s Likely Primary Defeat Today A ‘Referendum’ On January 6 Committee

Kevin McCarthy suggests Representative Liz Cheney's projected defeat in her GOP primary for Wyoming’s at-large House seat Tuesday will be a "referendum" on the January 6 committee she serves as Vice Chair.
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggests Representative Liz Cheney’s projected defeat in her GOP primary for Wyoming’s at-large House seat Tuesday will be a “referendum” on the January 6 committee she serves as Vice Chair.

“I don’t think that she’s going to win,” McCarthy said in an interview with Fox News. “I think it’s going to be a referendum on the Jan. 6 committee.”

Confronted with Cheney’s conservative voting record, the potential next Speaker of the House pointed out that her focus has pivoted sharply into an all-out obsession with former President Donald Trump.

McCarthy openly wondered why the Wyoming Republican wouldn’t concentrate her campaign efforts on inflation or gas prices or “what people across America feel the hardest about.”

“I think her whole focus has been different,” he continued. “Her whole focus has been against one individual, whether she has information or not, instead of focusing on her district itself.”

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Liz Cheney’s Primary Day Looks Bad

The New York Times last week noted that Liz Cheney has essentially abandoned Wyoming voters while primary polls show her “losing badly to her rival, Harriet Hageman, Mr. Trump’s vehicle for revenge.”

CNN reports that she is very likely “on her way to a major defeat” Tuesday.

“It will take a small miracle for Cheney for her to win Tuesday’s Republican primary for Wyoming’s lone House seat,” they explain.

Polls show her opponent – Trump-endorsed Wyoming attorney Harriet Hageman – with a 25-30 point lead.

Confronted with McCarthy’s comments, Cheney responded with what amounts to a microcosm of her failed campaign – resorting to insults and being completely void of substance.

“It’s really difficult to understand that word salad,” she fired back. “Was there an actual sentence in there somewhere?”

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Media Predicts a Big Future for Cheney

With her likely defeat coming in Tuesday’s primary, Liz Cheney is being propped up by the media as a powerful entity going forward, despite her career in Congress possibly coming to an end.

They desperately want her to continue her personal crusade against Trump. And she certainly loves the attention she’s getting from the Democrats and their media cohorts who continue to use her.

The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capeheart, in what may very well be one of the most embarrassing columns in the history of print media, compared Cheney to a Jedi Knight and suggested her “looming primary defeat will make her more powerful than Trump can imagine.”

Narrator – It won’t.

Cheney seemingly ignored Wyoming voters because she has her sights set on challenging Trump for the GOP nomination for President in 2024. Or perhaps running as an Independent.

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The Wyoming Representative recently told CNN that she hasn’t quite made a decision on whether or not she’ll make a White House run in 2024 as a means to “try and stop” the former President.

“At this point, I have not made a decision about 2024,” Cheney said. “I’ll make a decision on 2024 down the road.”

A segment on CNN earlier in the month asked Wyoming voters if they’d support the anti-Trump politician in her upcoming primary, to which many lampooned her efforts on the Jan. 6 committee.

“I find her work on the January 6 committee just repulsive,” one voter told CNN.

Others interviewed referred to the committee alternately as a “kangaroo court,” a “witch hunt,” a “hoax,” and “propaganda.”

Liz Cheney seems to have resigned herself to defeat in today’s primary long ago, never taking her eyes off of what she feels is a personal fight against Donald Trump.

By day’s end, it will most likely be Trump celebrating the results.

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