Earlier today, we reported that Meghan McCain has announced that she will be leaving the ABC talk show “The View” later this month after spending three years as the token conservative on the show.

Now, her liberal cohosts are speaking out to react to her departure, with the radically leftwing Joy Behar admitting that she was a “formidable opponent.”

Behar Reacts To McCain Leaving

“You and I have had our disagreements, we’ve had our fights, we also had some drinking moments which were rather fun and interesting,” said Behar, 78. ”

I have to say that what we have in common — as do all of us here  — is that we’re on a show where we stick our necks out, we take the blowback,” she continued. “We take a lot of hits on this show and we stick to our points of view. You have done that brilliantly for four years.”

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“I hope that you can say that I did the same thing,” she added. “I really, really appreciated the fact that you were a formidable opponent in many ways, and that you spoke your mind — and you’re no snowflake, missy.”

Whoopi Goldberg Reacts

Cohost Whoopi Goldberg brought up McCain’s late father, Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

“It’s been quite wonderful to sit across from you. Your dad was very smart. He wanted you to be here with us because I think he thought we could help toughen you up for what was coming, which was, you know, this wonderful baby you were going to have and his departure,” said Goldberg, 64. “So it was an honor when he said, ‘Please take my child.'”

Even the super-liberal Sunny Hostin admitted that she would miss McCain.

“He also told me to take it easy on Meghan, that I would learn to love her and understand her, and that she would be a pain in the a–, and he was right about all those things,” she said. “Meghan and I probably talk every day, all the time after the show, we text during the show, and I’ll miss those conversations. I think you have a really important point of view and it’s just been wonderful.”

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“It’s a full circle moment to know so much of your dad’s words brought you here and yet your calling for your daughter and your family is what takes you away,” cohost Sara Haines chimed in to add. “I think it’s beautiful, it speaks to the paradigm shift that is the world now on the heels of a 2020, and it has been an honor to sit here with you. You are a tough… That’s all I can say on daytime TV.”

McCain Attacks Media 

As she ended the segment, McCain called on the media to do a better job in covering the talk show.

“The media needs to do a better job of covering the women on this show in general,” she said. “As Joy pointed out, it is not a fair fight — we are covered with deep misogyny and sexism by the media.”

“If five men were doing what we do every day, I really do believe that we’d probably have a Pulitzer Prize at this point. And it’s always reduced to really reductive coverage, and I implore the media to do better as they cover the rest of you going forward,” she continued. 

“The one thing that we can say about this show: When you leave here, you can take on anything, because everything possible has been fired at you,” Goldberg told McCain. “So when you leave here, you’re a better person, better woman, better mother, better friend.”

“We’ve got a month together,” McCain concluded. “Let’s make the most of it.”

Check out the full segment below.

This piece was written by James Samson on July 2, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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