Hawley Turns The Tables, Wants To Investigate Democrats Who Filed Complaints Against Him

josh hawley ethics complaints

On Monday, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) blasted seven Democrat Senators who filed ethics complaints against himself and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for their objections to the Jan. 6 presidential election certification.

Hawley has continued to defend his objections to the electoral college vote count that eventually certified the winner of the election as Joe Biden.

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Ethics Complaints Flying Back And Forth

Hawley sent two letters Monday, seeking to combat the attacks against him for his objections.

One calls for the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate the seven Democrats who have signed on to the ethics complaints against him and Cruz.

Hawley argued that the Senators are “filing an unprecedently frivolous and improper ethics complaint…[w]ithout citing any relevant evidence or offering any good-faith argument.”

The seven Democrat Senators filing ethics complains against Hawley and Cruz include: Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Tina Smith of Minnesota, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Maize Hirono of Hawaii, Tim Kaine of Virginia, and Sherrod Brown of Ohio. 

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Democrats Used Same Objections

On Jan. 6, Hawley joined a House Member’s objection, as is the process for objections to the electoral college slate of electors.

This began a process of two hours of debate over the validity of the slate, and a vote by Congress on whether or not to reject them.

Hawley had objected to the Pennsylvania electoral college votes, Cruz had objected to Arizona’s slate of electors.

Hawley says that he does not think that Democrats argue the legality of the objections, but that any objections are being put forth at all.

He went on to charge that Democrats have repeatedly invoked that same provision: “Indeed, every presidential election since 2000 that a Republican has won, Democrats have sought to object to electoral votes on that ground, regardless of whether any good-faith basis existed for such objections.”

Democrats used the exact same objections in the 2016 election, won by President Trump.

Hawley also stated that his objections to Pennsylvania’s electors have a “strong legal basis.”

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Democrats Accuse Hawley Of Helping To Incite Capitol Hill Violence

On Jan. 6, what started out as a peaceful protest by Trump supporters of what they believed to be an election rife with voter fraud turned into a violent mob scene, as protesters stormed the Capitol building.  

Prior to the storming of the Capitol, Hawley could be seen entering the Capitol and raised a fist in apparent solidarity to the protesters outside.

While Hawley and Cruz both condemned the violence at the Capitol, the Democrats’ ethics complaint claims that Hawley and Cruz “lent legitimacy to President Trump’s false statements, and to the mob’s cause.”

The complaint went on to say that, “While it was within Senators’ rights to object to the electors, the conduct of Senators Cruz and Hawley…went beyond that.

“Both Senators announced their intention to object to the electors after baseless claims of election fraud, which upon information and belief they knew to be baseless, had lead to threats of violence. Their actions lead credence to the insurrectionists’ cause and set the stage for future violence. And both Senators used their objections for political fundraising.”

The complaint went so far as to question whether or not Hawley and Cruz had some sort of communication or coordination with the organizers of the rally.

Hawley, the junior Senator from Missouri and a vocal supporter of former President Trump and a possible 2024 presidential candidate, described the complaint as, “a manifestly partisan exercise.” He also asked whether or not any of the seven Senators had acted in unison with any outside Democratic groups.     

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Hawley Will Not Be Intimidated

In response to the complaints against him by his fellow Senators, Hawley sated, “I will not be intimidated by your efforts to silence me, the people of my state will not be intimidated by you, and you should be ashamed to have so grossly abused your office and the Senate.”

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