Joe Walsh Wants Trump Taken Down By The 25th Amendment — ‘He’s Nuts, Erratic’

Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh announced that he would be challenging President Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020 on Sunday and many Trump supporters made fun of him the only way they could.

Walsh appeared on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos when he made the statement that the 25th Amendment and removing Trump from office “should be looked at.”

How’s that for fair competition.

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Walsh: “It should be looked at. George, we’ve never had a situation like this. You can’t believe a word he says. And again, I don’t care your politics. That should concern you. He’s nuts. He’s erratic. He’s cruel. He stokes bigotry. He’s incompetent. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. George, he’s a narcissist.”

“The only thing he cares about is Trump. He doesn’t give a damn about America. He doesn’t care about the border.”


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He admits having no chance yet wants to waste time and money to run – that sounds very bright and promising. He is from Illinois – automatically that should raise flags and point to leadership that is inept and causes poverty and crime. He also has skeletons that will make him look NO more moral or fit than Trump.

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Here is the reality – people say beautiful things in public and go with the flow, but in the voting booth, they vote with their wallet. Anyone trying to beat Trump will have to have an economic plan that rivals his. You don’t have to like Trump or his personality to like having money coming in and a future that looks bright. The left doesn’t have an offering to counter this.

It might make a few socialists happy, but you will never win against Trump, one of the greatest, if not the greatest president, in history. Trump trounced, what, 16 Republican candidates in 2016 and then Hillary Clinton when everybody said it couldn’t happen. Trump always wins. He’s done more good for the country than you twits could ever dream of doing.

The musician with the same name would get more votes. I wish he would announce his candidacy, to see if I’m right. But it won’t ever happen because his friends would shun him if he turns Republican.

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  • What IS the 25th Amendment anyway? Either way Trump has ONE MORE YEAR left in his first term, it's TOO LATE to try to have him removed and anyway, he is NOT CRAZY!! Nothing this jerk says is true about him! He has NOT done anything wrong, and therefore he CANNOT BE IMPEACHED!!

  • Joe Walsh is running for PRESIDENT and he's from Illinois don't we have too MANY CRIMINALs from that STATE!!! WE the PEOPLE are FEDUP with THESE OFFICIALS WHO LIES about OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP for POLITICAL reasons!! WAKE up PEOPLE UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL!! VOTE for FREEDOM not for SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, DICTATORSHIP and fools like Joe Walsh!!

  • Another far left progressive puppet claiming to be a Republican. He should be ashamed of himself. The DimDems believe the only way they are going to win 2020 is if they try to create a recession. That is working for the American people for sure. They are pathetic.

  • what does Joe Walsh have to hide? I bet he has some dark secrets and someone reminded him he could be next to have the light shined upon him.

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