Whenever their party gets infiltrated by far-left kooks such as socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democrats’ only response is to move even further toward the crazy.

Hence, you’re seeing that from Rep. Joe Crowley, a powerful Democrat who was once viewed as a potential option as the future Speaker of the House. His ouster in a stunning upset by Ocasio-Cortez has apparently pushed him to say outrageous things.

Crowley suggested on Wednesday that illegal immigrants caught up in the Trump administration’s policy of enforcing border laws need to be compensated for their troubles.

Reparations for illegal aliens. What a thoroughly insane idea.

“The damage that has been done to these children will be lifelong, to the families units as well and in fact, I suggest they need to be compensated for what this administration did to them,” Crowley said in a statement on Capitol Hill.

“To have these children ripped apart and separated is one of the most reprehensible things I’ve witnessed in my twenty years of service here in the House of Representatives.”

Sure, why not just start paying bank robbers or drug dealers as well? After all, their children are usually separated from them by the government when they’ve committed a crime. Especially if they commit that crime with their children in tow, or by using other people’s children as a shield, as these illegal immigrants have done.

Perhaps an even better idea would be to have these criminal illegal aliens compensate Americans and legal citizens financially. But then, that would be putting America first, which is a foreign concept to most Democrats.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has told members of Congress that the government is currently “on track” to meet Thursday’s court-ordered deadline of reuniting hundreds of children swept up in immigration enforcement with their families.

Nielsen said the administration’s top priority is to make sure the children are being reconnected with people that are actually their parents.

“We really want to protect the children,” Nielsen added. “So, we don’t want to cut corners. We want to make sure they’re going with a parent. We want to make sure they’re going with somebody that won’t cause them any harm.”

As per usual, the administration’s first priority is the safety of the children while Democrats’ first priority is offering free handouts to illegal immigrants.

So why would Crowley make such a buffoonish suggestion?

Votes, of course!

Despite offering support for Ocasio-Cortez and insisting that he “isn’t running” against her, Crowley has indicated he will remain on a third party line – the Working Families Party – on the ballot in November.

Joe Lieberman, who similarly lost a Democratic Senate primary in 2006 only to win re-election as an independent that fall, recently wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal headlined, “Vote Joe Crowley, for Working Families.”

It’d be interesting to know how “working families” feel about Crowley’s suggestion to compensate people in the country illegally.