Joe Biden No Longer Doing Events After 8pm ‘To Get More Sleep’

joe biden 8pm
David Lienemann, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Sleepy Joe needs more sleep.

At least, that’s what the sitting President reportedly told Democrat governors Wednesday.

The President has been desperately trying to shore up support since his disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump.

Biden showed so poorly that even the liberal media began making calls for him to step aside.

At least one sitting Congressman has also done so, and reports are out that House Democrats are preparing to urge Biden as well.

So with all this going on, and all the questions around Joe’s competency, he told Democrat governors that he needs more sleep, so he won’t be doing events after 8pm anymore.

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Joe Biden Calls a Permanent Lid

As part of his desperate effort to remain on the 2024 ticket (and in power), Biden has been talking to allies and assuring them that he still has the right stuff.

Biden had gathered the group of 20 governors at the White House for a show of force.

According to reports, this didn’t do much to assuage concerns that Biden isn’t up to the task of 1) continuing to run the country, 2) running a successful re-election campaign and 3) running the country for another four years.

One White House spokesman excused Biden’s behavior by pointing fingers. Kevin Munoz said, “President (George W.) Bush went to bed at 9, and President (Barack) Obama made dinner at 6:30. Normal presidents strike a balance, and so does Joe Biden. Hardly the same rigor as Donald Trump, who spends half of his day ranting on Truth Social about plans that would cause a recession and the other half golfing.”

Now, a week out from the debate, it looks like the Democrats are in a stalemate. A stubborn president who doesn’t want to go, and a Democrat Party that technically can’t make him.

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Let’s Be Real

This brings up a point I want to make about the Presidency. Americans were never supposed to treat the President like our top celebrity, or caretaker, or mommy to tell us how to feel after local tragedies.

The President is merely the executive. He’s the top bureaucrat. He’s supposed to execute the laws passed by Congress. That’s it.

But besides that, Americans need to understand that under the current system, being President is actually impossible. Just hear me out.

Do you know how many federal employees there are? At the end of 2022, there were 2.87 million.

I’m sorry to all the executives out there, but such an organization is simply too big for individuals to “run.” And that’s just federal employees and bureaucrats.

Now think of the other duties currently demanded of the President. We expect one man to not only be aware of, but also expert in every hotspot around the globe. We expect them to be able to “control the money supply” (ha ha). We expect them to be the Commander-in-Chief of millions and millions of soldiers and civilian contractors. We expect them to somehow be an expert in the housing market and to “fix” problems in that market.

All of this is complete and utter hogwash, and it has nothing to do with Joe Biden. It doesn’t matter how many “experts” give the President a 10-minute crash course on some subject. Stephen Hawking is probably the smartest man to ever live and he had zero chance whatsoever of being smart enough to wield such a massive instrument.

What I’m saying is, what we (and by we, I mean society at large) expect from a single person in the office of the executive is laughably impossible. In economics, we call this the Knowledge Problem – but with the presidency, it’s supercharged with rocket fuel and tipped with nuclear bombs.

The solution isn’t to get the “right” person in there, though a better person does make a marginal difference. Donald Trump is one of the most famous CEOs of all time, and look what the bureaucrats and planners did during his presidency.

The solution is to stop treating the President like a Celebrity Babysitter, and hold the government to its constitutional duties.

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