Video: Jim Jordan Says It Would Be Nice If Weapons We Left In Afghanistan Were Instead In Ukraine

Jim Jordan: It Would Be Nice If '$85 Billion Of Weapons' We Left In Afghanistan Was In Ukraine

On Friday, Republican Congressman and House Judiciary Committee member Jim Jordan accused the Biden administration of putting the United States in a bad position regarding the Ukraine crisis, saying that the billions in weapons and equipment America left behind in Afghanistan could be significantly benefitting Ukraine forces right now in that country’s fight against Russia.  

Jordan made his comments during an interview on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

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Rep. Jordan: ‘It would’ve been nice’

In a segment about possible American responses to the war in Ukraine, including ramping up American energy production, Jordan wondered aloud about all the war materiel left behind in Afghanistan by the Biden administration.

Jordan told host Sean Hannity, “Sean, think about this: Dan just talked about weapons and what we need to get to the Ukrainians, it would’ve been nice if that $85 billion of weapons and equipment we left in Afghanistan, if that was in — some of that was in Ukraine right now to help the Ukrainian people.”

“That’d be nice,” he added.

While billions in U.S. weapons were left behind, fact checkers have found the oft cited “$85 billion” number to be inflated.

Regardless of the exact figure, the Biden administration left behind significant resources

Drones, humvees, guns, night vision goggles, armored vehicles, attack helicopters, and even planes. 

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Jordan: State Department Too Focused On ‘Pronouns’ And ‘Gender-neutral Passports’

Jordan then said the U.S. government should concentrate more on “real diplomacy” than political correct nonsense.

“It’d be nice if the State Department would be focused on real diplomacy versus when they sent out the email that said, oh, what pronoun do you want to use?” Jordan mocked. “And, oh, we’re going to have gender-neutral passports now, for goodness sake.”

He implied Ukrainians now suffer because of the incompetence of this administration.

“So, that’s the problem, bad decisions early on that put us in this terrible position,” Jordan finished.

“And the Ukrainian people feel it as we speak,” he said.

Rep. Jim Jordan is a founding member of the conservative Freedom Caucus in the House.


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