Jim Acosta Whines: Media Didn’t Stand Behind My Effort To Fight Back Against Trump

CNN reporter and resident primadonna Jim Acosta recently lamented that his colleagues in the media failed to stand in solidarity with him in opposing President Trump.

It’s the kind of comment that makes even his colleagues despise him.

Appearing on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ this past weekend, Acosta told the equally self-absorbed Brian Stelter that the media should have done more to fight back against the President’s narrative that they are the ‘enemy of the people.’

“You know, I wish at times that the press had been a bit more in solidarity with one another in standing up to this White House and saying, ‘Listen, ‘You know, the president can’t call us the enemy of the people. We’re not going to go along with that,’ Acosta bemoaned. “I think we’ve missed some opportunities here and there to challenge that.”

There is no profession on the planet more in line with their agenda than the liberal mainstream media, but Acosta almost literally thinks he’s the only ones fighting a war against a Republican President.

Acosta the Soldier

Nowhere is this more readily apparent than in the description of Acosta’s new book – “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America” – by his publisher.

“From CNN’s veteran Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, an explosive, first-hand account of the dangers he faces reporting on the current White House while fighting on the front lines in President Trump’s war on truth,” Harper-Collins writes with a straight face.

“In Mr. Trump’s campaign against what he calls ‘Fake News,’ CNN Chief White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta, is public enemy number one.”

Yes, Acosta is such a lone warrior that when his press credentials were revoked, everybody in the media, including Fox News, stood up and defended him against the White House.

At least he acknowledged that aspect.

“One thing I’m most grateful for during this experience is how just about every news organization in Washington and here in New York stood behind us here at CNN when they took away my press pass,” he crowed.

“Had the Trump administration won that case, Brian, it would have sent shockwaves through our industry,” he added. “It would have put a real chilling effect on the First Amendment in this country.”

Where was Acosta when Barack Obama was using the DOJ to try and shut down Fox News reporter James Rosen by spying on him and accusing him of committing a crime?

Some Don’t Stand Behind Acosta Because He’s Obnoxious

What Acosta needs to understand is that his colleagues aren’t failing to back him because they don’t support his anti-Trump agenda, they just kind of find him annoying.

A colleague of Acosta’s, Steve Krakauer, a former senior digital producer for CNN, blasted him for an incident last year in which he shouted over others from the back of a room.

Krakauer referred to him as “truly an embarrassment, on multiple levels” and said Acosta “give(s) all good journalists a bad name.”

More recently, a CNN employee ripped Acosta by saying people at the network “get tired of [his antics.]”

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