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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Gives Resignation to President Trump

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reportedly given President Trump his resignation, according to the Associated Press. Sessions, a former senator from Alabama, has served President Trump as his top law enforcer for nearly two years. Trump reportedly asked for his resignation.

Jeff Sessions fired – Trump asks for his resignation

The resignation comes just one day after the midterm elections where Democrats took control of the House of Representatives. Trump asked for Sessions’s resignation, which is an effective firing.

This is far from unexpected. As we’ve covered here for months, Trump has been mulling over the idea of firing Jeff Sessions for a long time. It was widely expected that Trump would move to fire Sessions after the midterm elections. (RELATED: Report: Jeff Sessions Could Suffer ‘Humiliating’ Firing After Midterms.)

Trump wanted Sessions out

Ever since Sessions recused himself from the ongoing Russia collusion probe headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump has been itching to fire Sessions for what he views as disloyal behavior. Trump went as far as to state almost two months ago that he had no attorney general.

Matthew Whitaker is Jeff Sessions’s replacement

In the wake of Sessions resigning, Trump has announced an acting attorney general. The newly empowered AG is none other than Matthew Whitaker, former chief of staff to Sessions at the DOJ.

Let’s hope this proves a smooth transition for the President. Now the question becomes: when will Trump appoint a new AG and who will it be?

Thankfully for Trump, Republicans held the Senate in the midterm elections. In fact, they expanded their majority. This gives Trump ample time to nominate a successor, rather than force one through a lame-duck session of Congress.