Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin Called Out for Lying About Trump Impeachment

Jamie Raskin impeach trump

You know it has to be a pretty bad lie when MSNBC’s Katy Tur calls you out on it.

Tur, who once claimed she was about to “throw up” when she realized Donald Trump was going to be president, called out Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) when he blatantly lied during an interview about his attempts to call for impeachment.

“Here’s the thing, Congressman,” Tur said. “You want to impeach this president. You’ve said so.”

Raskin responded, “No I think … when did I say that?”

Tur wasn’t about to let that slide, reading a transcript from a rally in January of 2017.

“I want to say this about Donald Trump though I may well be voting to impeach over the next year or two,” she read. “Applause. This is a January 2017 rally. And you opposed Congress’s vote to certify the election result so you definitely don’t want him as president.”

Check out the clip below …

That’s what we in the biz call ‘busted.’

The rally Tur referred to wasn’t the only example of Raskin calling for the impeachment of President Trump.

In fact, it took him less than one week after Trump’s inauguration to start plotting ways to oust him from office.

In an interview with the Young Turks, Raskin said “Right now it looks pretty obvious that he’s on a collision course with the Emoluments Clause.”

He added, “If he goes into office and he refuses to divest himself, the moment that the first conflict comes up, that’s going to look like an impeachable offense.”

Think that’s bad? Raskin actually was talking impeachment before President Trump ever set foot in the White House.

“I just know that if I’m going to vote to impeach the man at some point, I would like to be able to look him in the eye on Inauguration Day,” he said during an interview discussing whether or not he would boycott the inauguration.

Oh, and he’s also been working on a bill regarding impeachment …

With all of that as background, the man had the audacity to ask Tur “When did I say that?”

Perhaps Congress should be looking at Raskin’s mental fitness.

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