The 2020 Election Debacle Should Have Never Happened, And Can Never Happen Again

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Elections are a sacred right in a democracy. As fundamental as any Constitutional right.

A right that should have super protections under the 14th amendment. Subject to strict scrutiny. To be executed with precision and without a hint of corruption.

In any respect, violations of the processes shall mandate correction by a recount, disqualification, or full audit.

Cheat us once; shame on them. Let them cheat us again; shame on us.

Dems Had Their Plan

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the Democrats mailed out millions of mail-in ballots.

True to form, the Republican Party did not object to the sudden expansion of mail-in voting. They did nothing.

From here on out, the only “election reform” Democrats propose will be to expand mail-in voting, and all future elections will be viewed as shams by huge swaths of the country.

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There is no defensible reason a citizen should not vote in person if they are physically capable of doing so.

Absentee voting should only be available upon application, and that application approved only for a limited, carefully defined set of reasons.

Such a policy denies the Franchise to NO ONE who is entitled to it, contrary to the Lying Left’s arguments.

Voter ID should be strictly insisted upon.

Perhaps, some individuals are unable to obtain a State-Issued ID. My position is clear: such a person is either a criminal or an incompetent.

What business has either in a voting booth?


I may not be far off with this solution, but if you want a fair election, do away with mail-in voting, period.

If you don’t want to show up at a poll, then you have to execute a “Power of Attorney” and have someone vote for you in person.

Everyone needs to produce an ID to Vote – PERIOD! My twin daughters recently asked why we can’t do that.

The only response I could give is that one side always fights against it so that they can claim that it suppresses votes and makes people afraid to travel to election stations and exercise their rights.

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If all votes are in person with an ID, then all votes and all fraud become traceable.

The Supreme Court should throw out all mail-in ballots that the States can’t prove were legal and traceable.

The burden of proof that the election was fair and square should be on the states. It’s the Government that has to prove to the People that there was a fair election.

I doubt most States can do that.

Democrats always claim the GOP is trying to suppress the vote.

But in fact, Democrats suppress the vote through their incessant one-sided polling and the mainstream media smears of GOP candidates and their platforms.

In Summary

With rights come responsibilities. One responsibility should be, if you care about your vote, you should make yourself present at the proper place to cast your vote.

There is no right to a mail-in ballot or even an absentee ballot.


If you can’t get to the polling place, that isn’t my fault, maybe not yours, but a requirement that you be present to cast your ballot is a reasonable one.

That way you can prove your ability to engage in the process by proving who you are, right before casting your vote.

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Early voting is no excuse for Election Day. A lot can happen between the first early vote and the final tally on Election Day.

When a voter casts his ballot on the first day of early voting, something happens to cause him to change his vote. Well, tough, right?

Wrong! End Early voting altogether and make those who wish to preserve the republic get off their duffs and show up to vote on Election Day legitimately.

If everyone votes with the same level of knowledge about their candidate, an election can become fair.

That’s why it is called Election Day.

If you can’t get to the polls and vote, that might be a good reason why you shouldn’t be voting.


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