5 Immigration Policies Democrats Will Fight Trump on in 2019

After regaining a majority in the House of Representatives and the committee powers to investigate and subpoena witnesses that comes with it, Democrats will look to battle President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

Bringing illegal immigrants into the country, and by extension, their votes, might be the only way Democrats could possibly hope to regain the power they crave in the Senate and in the White House.

We saw that desire to count illegal votes this past month from Florida Democrats, who argued that a non-citizen should be allowed to cast a ballot.

Some would argue this is the single most important issue for a resistance party that values illegality in elections (voter ID, voter intimidation, and non-citizen votes).

Which aspects of immigration policy will Democrats fight President Trump on? Let’s take a look …

Zero-tolerance policy

The zero-tolerance policy which led to child separations from their adult chaperones across the border was the source of tremendous ire for Democrats, even though it was a continuation of past policies.

It even prompted a compliant media to fabricate stories and share fake pictures to make the President seem evil.

Five congressional Democrats have already called for investigations, sending a letter to inspectors general at the departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services.

“We strongly oppose these misguided and destructive policies,” the Democrats wrote.

Amnesty and the border wall

House Minority Leader and possible new Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to tackle President Trump’s border wall and implement amnesty for DREAMers.

Prior to the midterms, Pelosi was asked what she would concede to in negotiations on the border wall, promptly saying “nothing.”

She would also add that as Speaker, she would have the leverage to protect so-called DREAMers grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Curbing refugee admissions

In November, President Trump signed a proclamation addressing mass migration through the southern border. The move was made as multiple caravans threatened to overrun the border.

“I am … acting to suspend, for a limited period, the entry of certain aliens in order to address the problem of large numbers of aliens traveling through Mexico to enter our country unlawfully or without proper documentation,” the President said.

Leftist organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union immediately sued the administration.

Troops to protect the border

In late October, Secretary of Defense James Mattis ordered thousands of troops to the border in an attempt to halt the invasion from unauthorized migrant caravans.

Deploying troops to the border is not a new tactic, as Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush all made similar moves during their tenures.

Because it was President Trump, however, 108 House Democrats sent a letter to Mattis insisting that “this effort is nothing short of a militarization of the southern border to score political points and stoke misleading fears among Americans regarding immigrants.”

Citizenship question on the 2020 census

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced in 2017 that the next census would add a question about citizenship, claiming it is “necessary to provide complete and accurate Census block level data.”

Naturally, Democrats had a meltdown over the notion, with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus issuing a letter stating that the citizenship question “only serves to instill fear among immigrant communities, decrease participation, and negatively impact the outcome and accuracy of the 2020 Census.”

The state of California announced they would file a lawsuit over the citizenship question. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra argued it should be illegal to ask about citizenship.

“The question is not just a bad idea — it is illegal,” he said in announcing the lawsuit.

If only they truly cared about illegal activity.

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