Ilhan Omar Announces She ‘Got Married!’ … Again

Ilhan Omar

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar took to Instagram to announce that she has married her former political consultant, Tim Mynett.

“Got married! From partners in politics to life partners, so blessed. Alhamdulillah,” she wrote along with a picture of the happy couple.

Alhamdulillah is an Arabic word that translates to, “Praise be to God.”

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that the pair married “in the Islamic faith.”

Life Partners

Mynett may want to be wary since he is now Omar’s third “life partner,” but only the second not actually related to the congresswoman – allegedly.

One needs a flow chart to help visualize the radical Democrat’s numerous marriages.

Omar married Ahmed Hirsi in a religious but unofficial capacity in 2002. They separated in 2008, though it was not legally recognized. In 2009, she married Ahmed Elmi, whom she divorced in 2017 only to marry Hirsi again (officially) in 2018. She divorced Hirsi last year and engaged in an affair with Mynett that eventually led to this new marriage.

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Denied the Affair

Of course, Mynett isn’t big on “life partners” either. His wife, Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett, filed for divorce last summer citing her husband’s admission that “he was romantically involved with and in love with another woman, Ilhan Omar.”

His wife even claimed that during the affair, Mynett and Omar took the couple’s son out to dinner and showered him with gifts while she was out of town working.

Omar denied the affair.

“No, I am not,” she insisted when asked if she was dating anyone at the time. “I have no interest in allowing the conversation about my personal life to continue and so I have no desire to discuss it.”

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Marital and Legal Issues

Before her marriage to Mynett, reports surfaced of an ongoing investigation into whether or not Omar married her own brother as a means, as the left-leaning Minneapolis Star-Tribune wrote, to “skirt immigration laws.”

Fox News reported last month that the investigation(s) surround allegations involving “perjury, immigration fraud, tax fraud, student loan fraud, and possibly bigamy.”

Reporter David Steinberg at The Blaze wrote a column claiming the Department of Justice had assigned an FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) to review complaints regarding what he defined as Omar’s “apparent, astonishing spree of felonies from 2009 to 2017.”

Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group, filed a congressional ethics complaint against Omar in July, saying she must be investigated for “perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud, and federal student loan fraud.”

The Star-Tribune also notes that the newly married couple’s relationship “is at the center of a Federal Election Commission complaint alleging that money Omar’s campaign committee paid to Mynett and his firm for travel expenses were for personal use.”

The campaign paid Mynett’s company, E Street Group, “more than $500,000 last year for consulting, advertising, fundraising and travel.”

Considering the number of eyes looking into her actions, you’d think the radical Democrat would lay low and maybe take a break from the marriage game for a while.

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