On Wednesday, former FBI Director was on Capitol Hill speaking to the Senate Judiciary Committee over his FBI actions during the Russian investigation’s early stages.

During the hearing, Comey claimed ignorance of every act mentioned during questioning, frustrating those asking the questions.

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As much as I believe that Comey was in this thing up to his neck, he will never publicly admit or say anything that will be used against him, especially with the current investigations still in progress.

This is why it is essential that President Trump gets re-elected, so for good or for worse, these investigations come to fruition so that we, the public, can at least see and hear the results.

The dilemma that Comey is faced with is that he was convinced that Hillary would win, and all this stuff was going to go away.

When Trump won, he was hoping that Trump would cave.

So he tried to have a duly elected president removed from office over nothing.


When a guy like Comey says he doesn’t know or can’t remember, it means only one of two things.

Either he is totally and wholly incompetent, or he knows the answer, and he knows that it sets him up for prosecution and conviction by telling the truth.

There is not any other meaning to those answers. I don’t think Comey is incompetent.

Maybe, the people at the highest level in government agencies should be held accountable under the law for running their agencies and, by extension, can be held responsible (with jail time) when crimes are committed.

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Directors who don’t know should be investigated for gross negligence.

All people in executive classifications and those above GS14 should not be able to plead the 5th, without losing their position, accrued benefits, and pensions.


He remembered all the details when he toured the talk show circuit, the book tour, his paid speaking engagements, and any other chance he had the opportunity to open that big mouth of his.

One of his town-hall type interviews, when he laughed through it, he spilled his guts on it. 

He bragged about how he broke the law when he sent two Feds over to the White House.

He had no trouble remembering that. It seemed NOT to forget anything.

Such a short life.


The sad thing is that they still have “bad actors” within the FBI and almost every government administration, including the one I retired from.

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There is no loyalty to anyone or anything by any person who works for the feds.

There are provisions in the government codes that state that any “advertised” political affiliations (parties, committees, etc.) are forbidden unless on your own time and not practiced within the offices or agencies or you face dire consequences.

So far, I have seen no consequences to many and probably most of the government workers.

Comey is a lousy liar and will get tripped up when communication is presented, showing he was informed and involved.

Not a smart move to claim ignorance. He can’t lie forever.