The complete ignorance of the opportunities that our system grants those who side with Democrats shows how the schools failed them, the media lied to them.

And most disturbing, these same people gleefully lap it all up because there are no real-world sanctions for that level of ignorance. From well educated to uneducated, supporting the democrat party at this point is an admission that one does not care about much.

This election will light yet another fuse to another powder keg of leftist activism no matter what the outcome. Anger is useless without action. Getting poked in the chest enough times, one will strike back.

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Just watch the Democrat Party. They are a thug mafia. If they knew they had this election in the bag, no way would their foot soldiers be burning down cities.

They would want stability and in no way would risk losing because of a bunch of youthful idiots. Just like when you end up in a bad stock trade, once the losses exceed your ability to think rationally, you start to do really stupid stuff.

The Democrats are staring at a decimated portfolio and have little to lose by trying to make the country think the chaos they are creating is due to President Trump.

Unfortunately for them, they can only do this where they are in control, which is big cities. Even worse, the very constituents who put them in power are bearing the brunt of their political tantrum.

If anyone believes apolitical people are not starting to wake up to the realization that Democrats are running the places where the problems are the worst, you are delusional, and probably yourself a Democrat.


The left is trying to weave a political platform out of ‘the Republicans are responsible for how the left feels.’ Feelings are not real and the more fragile the sensibilities the more vulnerable that person is.

The left reacts to all of this chemistry and all of it is taking place inside themselves not in the real world. COPS are not the problem, the emotional instability of the left is the problem. In essence, the left is trying to harness the insanity of a few into the over through of America and the Constitution.

This is their Pickett’s Charge.

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For instance, all of this is beginning to slowly decompose for the left. They have been screaming for reparations and now they have arrived at Gettysburg, possibly some of the most hallowed ground FOR ALL Americans.

The GOP reparations are buried at Gettysburg and the Democrat ownership of slavery, KKK, and all of the other vulgarities are enshrined in the statues of the CSA on that Hallowed Ground.

Word is already beginning to seep out even for the grossly ignorant and uninformed that the Democrats did this, they are the slave owners and all of this is an effort to conceal the 10,000-pound gorilla in the room.

The blue state and cities are joining this insanity because they are the insanity. You can waste a lot of food (symbolically speaking) when things are going well and the liberal/progressive/Democrat/left/Confederates (LPDLC) have fed off of the creators and the sane for a long time, my guess is 155 years.

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My point is that ALL of this chaos is the death spiral of the democrats. NO conservative participates in a poll. Our poll and dedication are buried at Gettysburg and today LPDLC has only now found that ground, AGAIN.


The key to this election was stated above. Trump voters need to show up. We need to help them if necessary by bringing them to the polls. Buy them a cup of coffee. Many places let you vote early for a long period just in case election day is not convenient.

Don’t wait. Vote.