Hunter Biden’s Baby Mama Allegedly Paid by His Company

Lunden Roberts, an Arkansan woman who claims to have a baby fathered by Hunter Biden, alleges his company paid her off for the past five years.

Biden Fathers Stripper’s Baby

Roberts is engaged in a paternity battle with Hunter Biden, who completely denies that her baby is his. Biden, 49, allegedly frequented the DC strip club, Mpire, where Roberts worked under the stage name of “Dallas.”

The club is only blocks away from Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club, where employees claimed they saw Biden smoke crack cocaine in the private rooms. As The Political Insider previously reported, Biden allegedly fathered Roberts’s baby when he was in a relationship with Hallie Biden, his late brother’s former wife.

DNA tests have also apparently shown “with scientific accuracy” that the baby is his, according to a court motion filed in November, adding serious weight to Roberts’s case. Biden refused to accept the results, but that didn’t stop the Trump campaign from congratulating Joe Biden on becoming a grandfather on Twitter.

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Payments for Silence?

In new court filings, Roberts claims that she received payments from Biden’s company from May to November 2018, with her baby being born in August of that year. She received “pay stubs for money received from the defendant [Biden] when she was employed by him and his company” but “never received a tax document for these payments.”

Roberts further claims that her health insurance was paid for her at one point through this arrangement.

Biden had previously tried to keep the case sealed by claiming that Roberts was simply trying to embarass him, and that his finances should not be “open to the world’s media.” However, a judge disagreed, and made sure that the case was unsealed.

Last month, Biden attempted to dodge a Motion to Enforce Settlement Agreement from Kathleen, his ex-wife, who alleges he broke various terms of their agreement. Documents obtained by National File show numerous attempts to serve him with the papers that all failed.

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