Outrage As Hunter Biden Reportedly Sitting In On White House Meetings

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Joe Biden’s son Hunter, a recently convicted felon, is reportedly sitting in on White House meetings following the President’s debate performance last week.

The news is prompting outrage on both the right and left on social media.

NBC News revealed that sources have indicated Hunter “has been closely advising his father” on matters since the family gathered following the presidential debate and that he “has joined meetings with President Joe Biden and his top aides.”

The outlet states that while the First Son is often at the White House, it is “unusual for the president’s son to be in and around meetings his father is having with his team.”

It seems more bizarre than anything else.

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Hunter Biden Sitting In On White House Meetings

The NBC News report also indicates Hunter Biden is speaking with “senior White House staff members” and press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seemingly confirmed such high-level meetings but dismissed them as coincidental family visits during the holiday.

“We’re reporting that Hunter Biden has been in some meetings with senior advisers,” an NBC reporter asked. “Why is the president’s son involved?”

“Look, the president, as you know, is very close to his family. This is a holiday week, Fourth of July. He spent time with his family, as you all know and reported, at Camp David,” Jean-Pierre replied. “Hunter came back with him and walked with him into — into — into that meeting — that prep — that speech prep.”

The speech being referenced was President Biden’s very brief condemnation of the Supreme Court ruling granting immunity to Presidents for official acts.

When pressed by the reporter on whether or not Hunter was “participating in meetings with senior advisers” the press secretary indicated Biden “was in the room” for the speech prep but added, “Anything else coming out of that reporting, I can’t speak to.”

That’s a dodge that should not go unnoticed.

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Criticism From The Left And Right

News that Hinter Biden is meeting with senior White House aides and sitting in on official meetings with the President did not sit well with critics.

Former MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan blasted his presence as “insane.”

“Hunter Biden and Joe’s granddaughters (!) seem to have more influence over who the Democratic presidential nominee will be than the Democratic Party leadership,” he added. “Where are Schumer or Jeffries or the DNC?”

The MBC report itself suggests that some White House staffers were openly wondering, “What the hell is happening?”

Former chief of staff for Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) Alberto Martinez surmised that “If he were not the President’s son, Hunter would not pass the background check to attend an event with the President, let alone work in the White House.”

Podcast host Mary Katherine Ham joked about the reaction considering Hunter Biden’s lofty credentials.

“Why would they react that way?” she asked. “He is a renowned international energy expert, successful artist, and the smartest person his father knows.”

All of that and now we can add senior adviser to the President to Hunter’s resume.

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