Howard Stern Tries To Turn Will Smith’s Oscars Slap Into Anti-Trump Story

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Stern: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Bill Norton 5/10/12

Radio host Howard Stern couldn’t hold his Trump Derangement Syndrome at bay for 72 hours. Like others on the left, Stern tried to turn the “slap heard round the world” into commentary attacking former President Donald Trump. 

As everyone on the planet surely knows by now, actor Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on live TV for making a joke about Smith’s wife.

On Monday, Stern, like everyone else on the planet, was discussing the events of Sunday night, and couldn’t help himself from making Trump the focus.

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Sensible Followed By Confusing

Howard Stern began by saying that, like a lot of other people who watched as it happened, he questioned whether or not it was for real or just a comedy bit, perhaps Chris Rock was just trying to inject some humor into a ceremony that can become, as Stern described, “long and boring.”

For those still speculating, Stern did bring up a very good point, where was security?

“…With a lot of force, smacks him right in the mouth on TV. Now the first thing I said to myself was ‘what the f— is going on, is this a bit?’ because where is security? This is a live television event!” 

But it was here where Stern seemed to channel his inner grumpy old man and joined in the mental pretzel twisting, somehow making it all the fault of Donald Trump.

“Not one person came out, because he’s Will Smith, this is how Trump gets away with sh–. Will Smith and Trump are the same guy. He decided he’s going to take matters into his own hands. At a time when the world is at war. Bad timing, man. Calm your f—ing ass down.”

How are Will Smith and Donald Trump the same guy? What does war in a foreign country have to do with an awards show for movies?

Does it matter, does it even have to make sense? Or is it all an excuse to attack Trump?

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Others Climbing On The ‘It’s Trump’s Fault’ Bandwagon

Howard Stern is not the first to come up with the idea that two Hollywood types engaged in a slap fight equals Donald Trump’s fault. It apparently is seen as a bit of intellectual brilliance to many.

Former CNN analyst and former special agent for the FBI Asha Rangappa connected those dots almost immediately and tweeted out this gem.

On the other hand, the episode gave some individuals who have been downright obsessed with Trump a new event to talk about!

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What Happened To Howard Stern?

In the 90’s, when the term “shock jock” became popular, people immediately thought of Howard Stern. He was unabashedly raunchy and vulgar.

But he also spoke his mind and was a champion of free speech. Freedom of speech was the main reason his show went from terrestrial radio to satellite. 

Howard Stern is now the guy who advocated in January that, “Now if you don’t get it (the vaccine), in my America, all hospitals would be closed to you. You’re going to go home and die.”

During the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan’s podcast where Rogan talked about his own battle with COVID, Stern said Rogan should apologize for his comments and just say, “I’m wrong, and go get the vaccine before you die.”

It is often lamented when the radicals of yesteryear become the conformist old men of today. One comment on Twitter may have summed up the current state of Howard Stern.

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