Horace Cooper, co-Chairman of Project 21, has said it is President Trump’s policies that are boosting employment numbers in the black community, not former President Obama’s.

In an interview with Genevieve Wood of the Daily Signal, Cooper said he’s surprised Obama would try to take credit for what Trump has accomplished.

“As we took these actions, we saw the US economy grow consistently,” Obama claimed. “We saw the longest streak of job creation in American history by far. A streak that still continues, by the way.”

“Thanks, Obama,” he added.

Not so fast, Cooper counters.

“It was surprising to me to hear the president make these claims,” he said.

“From 2009 to 2015, black America’s unemployment rate turned to the worst numbers that we have seen as a community,” he added. “It was the very policies that he pushed that caused this disparity.”

By contrast, Trump’s plea for voters in the black community to take a chance on him is proving quite the boon.

“The news for black America is amazing. It’s phenomenal,” Cooper says. “We have had three separate records accomplished: In June of 2017, in September of 2017, and in January of 2018, we have set record low unemployment for black Americans.”

This, he explains, is due to President Trump’s policies of squashing burdensome regulations.

“Two things: One is, he is not bringing new regulations into place, but [two,] he is actually rolling back the bad regulations that we saw before,” Cooper believes. “So businesses are opening up and it turns out the pool of  people that are most available right now, because of multiple years of bad regulatory and economic growth, are black Americans.”

Cooper reminds Americans that Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech came about because the black community was looking for a jobs program.

“The essence of what black America and the civil rights effort was about was letting people be able to get the kinds of things that control their own lives,” he explained.

President Trump is letting all Americans finally get that control back.

Thanks, Trump!

Who is a better president for the economy – Trump or Obama? Share your thoughts below! 

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