There are generally two kinds of reactions from Hollywood liberals when it comes to mass shootings in America – One group that immediately jumps to gun control, and the other that mocks those who refuse to politicize the tragedy.

Liberals, sadly, did not disappoint after the Texas church massacre that claimed the lives of 26 innocent parishioners at Southern Baptist Church.

While conservatives turned to something that once united us in times of tragedy – prayer – liberals were relentlessly mocking them.

Star Trek: The Next Generation and occasional Big Bang Theory actor, Wil Wheaton, mocked the dead, essentially saying prayer didn’t work for them, so why should we pray now.

It was a reprehensible response to Paul Ryan’s statement calling for prayers for the victims …


“Worthless sack of s***?” Pot, meet kettle.

Hollywood writer, David Simon, from the long-running series Homicide: Life on the Street, echoed those sentiments, attacking people who pray.


Movie critic Anthony Oliviera chimed in with the same unoriginal thoughts about praying.


Indeed, the bone of contention with these Hollywood liberals is that they expect any tragedy to result in lawmakers stripping away every American’s constitutional right to bear arms.

Liberal Will & Grace actress Debra Messing blamed Congress for not banning ‘gunstocks’ and said they were responsible for the Texas church shooting.


She clearly has no ever-loving clue what a ‘gunstock’ is.


Silicon Valley actor Kumail Nanjiani called for gun control …


Andy Lassner, producer for the Ellen DeGeneres talk show, simply went with ‘eff everything,’ including guns.


And Chelsea Handler, whose show on Netflix was just terminated, claims Republicans are responsible for the shooting.


Rest assured, liberals will never stop coming for the Second Amendment. Their short-sighted answer is to take away guns. They conveniently forget what stopped the shooting in Texas – a neighbor and his gun.

How do you feel about Hollywood liberals lecturing on gun control after an attack like this? Share your thoughts below!