Reports: Clinton Had a Violent Meltdown on Election Night


Seems Hillary Clinton and the rest of her staff were in need of a safe space on Election Night. Or maybe, her aides were the ones who needed a safe space from her.

According to various reports, Clinton was at some points inconsolably emotional, possibly drunk, and physically threatening towards her top aides, as the reality that Donald Trump had defeated her slowly sank in.

According to author Ed Klein, Clinton “couldn’t stop crying” once she realized she had lost the election.

“She was crying, inconsolably,” he said. “Her friend said — her female friend from way, way, back — said that it was even hard to understand what she was saying, she was crying so hard.”

That’s when, according to a radio host who spoke with a CNN reporter, things got ugly …


He added that Clinton may have been in a drunken rage …


Multiple reports have surfaced that the Clinton team was so confident in their victory during last week of the election, that they started popping champagne corks before the votes had been counted.

Perhaps the candidate herself also took part.

A combination of a few drinks and an angry candidate may have led to Clinton’s disappearance on Election Night. Rather than make a concession speech, she refused to address her supporters and instead sent Podesta out to clean up the mess.

Is it any wonder that so many of her followers are emulating Clinton’s behavior, going on full-fledged temper tantrums and riots, shedding massive amounts of tears because the election didn’t go the way they wanted it to?

And now they’re claiming that Russia “stole” the election? How desperate can they be?

They’re simply following their leader. Thank goodness for the rest of us, she isn’t going to be the actual leader of our nation. This kind of behavior shows that Trump was most definitely the correct choice for President.

Comment: Do you find it believable what these reports are indicating – that Hillary was an emotional mess on election night? Share your thoughts below.

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