Hillary Clinton did not shake hands with President Donald Trump or First Lady Melania when they took their seats close to her at the funeral of George H.W. Bush.

Some are taking Hillary’s demurral to be a sign of disrespect, or even some bitter feelings left over from the contentious 2016 presidential election.

The Trump and Bush truce

In an effort to ward off any awkward moments, the Bush family is ensuring that no anti-Trump political attacks will be made during the service for the late President. (RELATED: Bush Family Guarantees No Politics or Trump Talk at H.W. Funeral.) This is being done to guarantee the funeral service is focused on the life and accomplishments of George Herbert Walker Bush, our 41st president. (RELATED: Five Stories About George H.W. Bush You Need to Hear.)

President Trump is attending the funeral with four former presidents: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush, along with their respective wives.

Hillary’s cold non-greeting

As President Trump and First Lady Melania took their seats at the beginning of the service, they do the gracious thing and shake hands with the Obamas, who, to their credit, return the greeting. Hillary, however, only manages a slight nod in the direction of Melania. She totally ignores Trump.

A news editor for USA Today points out that Hillary mostly kept her eyes forward, as if trying to be avoided:

Hillary’s facial expression is reminiscent of Jordan Baker in “The Great Gatsby,” who is described as trying to “balance an invisible but absorbing object on the tip of her chin.”

In other words, she’s haughty and cold.

Hillary’s sour grapes over 2016?

It could just be the case that Hillary neglected to offer more of a greeting because of how far she was positioned from Trump. Still, her husband made an effort to shake Melania’s hand – though Melania’s former career as a model may have had something to do with getting that kind of warm welcome from frisky Bill.

Even so, it’s hard not to see the ghosts of elections past in Hillary’s face during the funeral.