Life comes at you fast.

As you’re well aware, yesterday was Hillary Clinton’s birthday. Fans and detractors alike were sure to express their birthday wishes for the former Democrat candidate for president on social media.

One brutal image reminded everyone just how far Hillary has fallen in the past year.

Does anybody remember this cocky boast from the candidate herself just one year ago, weeks prior to the election?

Twitter user Iowahawk decided to post a side-by-side to show just how far the “What Happened” author has fallen since then.

It’ll almost make you feel sorry for her. Almost …


The image on the right is that of Clinton being relegated to signing copies of her book in the dairy section at a local Costco.

That’s a lot different than picking out new curtains for the Oval Office.

Of course, that didn’t stop some liberals from openly fantasizing that Clinton won in November anyway.

Democratic Rep. John Lewis wished a happy birthday to “Madame President Hillary Clinton” earlier in the day.

Perhaps Lewis thought she was the president of Costco. Who’s to say?

Oh well, that’s what birthdays are for, isn’t it? Making wishes that are likely never to come true as you blow out the candles on your cake.

Your uranium cake …

As for Iowahawk’s original post, social media users were absolutely loving it, offering a bit of their own mockery …

And for those who might think it was a bit too harsh, Iowahawk provided this perfect response:

Karma’s janitor. Perhaps that could be ‘Madame President’s’ next job when she’s done cleaning up aisle 7 at the local Costco.

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