In recent weeks, two-time loser and serial liar Hillary Clinton has been jumping back into the political arena with bizarre interviews, from blaming the DNC for her failed 2016 campaign, to forming a new political organization aimed at being part of the “resistance” to President Donald J. Trump.

Hillary’s recent actions show that the Democrat is a bitter individual, who cannot accept the fact that her flawed candidacy resulted in her historic loss to Trump.

While Ms. Clinton is unsurprisingly unhappy that she lost in November, some have speculated that her recent appearances signal a desire to jump back into the political arena again, as if America wants that.

Now, one close Clinton confidant, Doug Schoen, believes without a doubt that Hillary Clinton is running for president in 2020:

Speaking to Fox Business host Stuart Varney, Schoen said there’s no doubt Clinton is running again, but admitted “Even if it’s only in her own mind, she is running.”

Check out the video below:

Unlike Ms. Clinton, Schoen was able to admit the real reason why Hillary lost, instead of spewing nonsensical Russian conspiracy theories:

Hillary Clinton needs to do some major soul searching and realize the American people have no interest in seeing her run for public office ever again. America rejected Hillary twice, and if she were to run for president in 2020, she probably wouldn’t even win the Democrat primary.

As long as Hillary continues to blame everything but herself, she will never live in reality, and will continue to be in a constant state of denial, that her candidacy was perfect, and everyone but her is to blame for her loss.

Do you think Hillary will run for president in 2020? Share your thoughts below!

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