This School Tried To BAN The American Flag – But Then Students FOUGHT BACK!

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A high school in Colorado implemented a blanket ban on all flags in their parking lot in an ‘attempt to foster a peaceful and inclusive school environment.’

The flag ban at Fruita Monument High School was implemented due to one particular senior flying a Confederate flag, which was deemed “inappropriate and offensive.”

Because of that, all flags, including Old Glory, were banned from the school parking lot, allowing every one of the precious snowflakes at Fruita Monument High that found the flags offensive to return peacefully to their “safe spaces.”

That is, until the students revolted.

Students showed up to school with numerous American flags flying in what is being described as similar to “an Independence Day parade.”

A local veteran even joined in, explaining that he believes “we should be behind the kids” since “thousands of people have died for this flag.”

Check it out below …

Via The Blaze:

Students at Fruita Monument High School in Colorado launched a patriotic rebellion last week after school officials banned all flags in the school parking lot, including the American flag.

The order to prohibit flags came after Fruita Monument senior Colt Chatfield was told he couldn’t fly a Confederate flag, which school leaders deemed offensive to others, the school’s principal told KKCO-TV.

“They said we can’t fly a Mexican flag, Confederate flag, American flag, any flag at all,” senior Paxton Streeter told KKCO.

But after school administrators announced the ban May 9, students rallied to show their collective indignation with what they viewed as a grievous assault on freedom.

Five students, including Chatfield, returned to school Tuesday with even more flags, the majority of them American, pulling into the school parking lot in what resembled an Independence Day parade.

In a patriotic victory for Old Glory, the flag rally appears to have worked. School officials quickly lifted the blanket ban, and students were informed that they would indeed be permitted to fly appropriate flags, including the American flag, respectfully.

This story is quite similar to that of a student at York Comprehensive High School in South Carolina who was told that he could no longer fly the American flag in the back of his pickup truck, following a complaint by somebody who found it “offensive.”

The following day, the school was inundated by patriotic students, protesters, and veterans all waving their American flags. That school too, withdrew their flag ban.

Comment: Should the American flag EVER be part of a ban, anywhere in this country, because some people find it offensive? Share your thoughts below.

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