Hey Dems, Bolton’s Testimony Won’t Change Anything – Trump Isn’t Being Removed

The Democrats don’t give a damn what John Bolton or anybody else might say; they know it won’t affect the outcome at all.

What they want is the ability to accuse a few Senators, who they perceive as being vulnerable, of participating in a cover-up by voting against calling witnesses. This whole silly charade is about the 2020 election and not just the presidential election, which they already know they will probably lose.

Given that impeachment is delaying the judicial confirmation express, the sooner it ends, the better. That means it would be best to have no witnesses. But if there are any, Hunter Biden and other witnesses requested by Trump’s team must be included.

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Sen. Lindsey Graham: “I’m increasingly optimistic this ends Friday. I think the question is whether we should have additional testimony from witnesses that the House refused to call. Lets assume for a moment that John Bolton would say what the New York Times said he would say, ‘The President told me to put a freeze on the aid because I want to look at the Bidens.’ I’m paraphrasing. The President had every reason to want to look at the Bidens.

The House managers told us there’s not a scintilla of evidence the Bidens did anything wrong, this has been completely debunked, thoroughly investigated. That is a complete lie. The defense team destroyed the House’s case,”

“If after listening to Pam Bondi you’re okay with how Hunter Biden conducted himself in the Ukraine and you’re okay with Joe Biden not having a clue of what was going on, that’s more about you that it is about anything else. There’s a mountain of evidence that the Biden’s were involved in corruption. The President would have been wrong not to ask the Ukrainians to help given what we know about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.”

The Dems have done such a masterful job of deflection; it should be studied in school. They have completely taken Biden’s corruption off the table, smeared Trump, and tied up Bernie during the primaries all at the same time.

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They learned the technique of accusing your opponent of what you are guilty of from the master, Bill Clinton. He must be very proud of his students. They have raised such an incredible stink and smokescreen; no one will ever touch Biden again. Certainly not the Republicans, nor Barr. The Bidens have been given a get out of jail free card — just like Hillary.

Actually, the only way to expose the corruption of the Deep State and the Democrats is to call witnesses, bring out everything. I don’t think there’s any chance Trump will be impeached; the votes simply aren’t there. But the Democrats had to be head-faked into demanding witnesses so the public could see exactly who the traitors are and why.

So sit back, enjoy the show, stock up on popcorn, chips, dip, and your favorite beverage. The Democrats will rue the day they pushed impeachment because the perfect storm is upon them but they are so full of hate they can’t think straight; they don’t recognize the peril they’re in!

And first and foremost, watch the plan unfold before your very eyes, the patriots planned this from the beginning!

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