Here’s My Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions; This Is So Easy, Anyone Can Do This!

Every year we go through this setting goal for the New Year and starting it on the first day of that calendar year.

Why is it that most of us give up after two weeks? Why is it that we all seem to burn out and think to ourselves we can continue doing what we told ourselves we weren’t going to do? Lack of discipline. There are no consequences to breaking a resolution because you set it and nobody can punish you if you fail to meet your expectations.

1. Exercise More And Lose Weight

Nine out of 10 New Year’s resolutions for many people is losing weight, but as I mentioned before, it’s the most common plan to fail because everyday life issues clog your results. So, here’s an idea for you. Break down this goal into easily-achievable milestones. Rather than say “lose 20 lbs. by December 31st,” make a more-specific plan, like this:

  • Lose 1 lb. in January
  • Lose 1 lb. in February.
  • Lose 2 lbs. in March.
  • Lose 2 lbs. in April.

2. Save Money And Fix Credit

This is something that I have started doing at the end of 2019 and hopefully, 2020 will be the greatest year ever for me. Since November, I’ve already increased my credit score by 41 points which are phenomenal in my book because I was afraid of my credit. But with my daughters graduating in 2021, I have to think about them and what I need to do to get ready as I have twins.

I have signed up with credit tracking agencies and have made necessary lifestyle changes to clear up old bad stuff and make sure everything now is tip-top. In the way of saving money, we all would like a cool nest egg to end the year with, more money than when we started, so it’s easy to see why saving money would be a popular goal.

Allow yourself a reasonable chance at following through. Acknowledge what the money will be for, and then find a reason to inspire the urgency needed to stick with it.

Once you know the purpose of these funds, decide how much you’d like to have saved by the end of the year. Only put away what you can when you can and fight off the calls to touch it. In my mind, I’ve told myself I hate money, LOL.

3. Share your ideas or Start A Blog

Share your ideas with the world. There are so many people out there who think like you and when you find yourself in self-thought, wondering why aren’t you in touch with others who might hold the same mind path you are on, the reason why you are not connected is that you don’t connect with others. There are many, many reasons to share your ideas, such as helping to find answers to pressing matters to search for solutions that could increase convenience for others. They don’t have to be political, you could start a recipe blog and open your plethora of mouth-watering creations with the world.

You don’t want your ideas to die in the shower or get lost on the highway driving home. You want your ideas to gain visibility, traction, and receive the support they need to potentially become actionable solutions.

4. Read 52 Books This Year

Another New Year’s resolution favorites are to challenge yourself to a certain number of books per year, say 52 books in 52 weeks, for example.

I remember one year when I was younger that I read 66 books during a Summer Reading Program. That broke the county record. The next year, my sister read 67. Reading is fun when you really get going and it stimulates the mind. But to keep things moving, try to give yourself a variety of books throughout the year.

Don’t just stick to nonfiction and fiction, but several different genres in each. And, while fiction books I like to read all the way through in one period of time, I break up my nonfiction books into chapters, sprinkling a chapter in here and there in between other books and during short commutes to make for a nice one-two punch.

5. Take A Family Vacation

The last time I took my family on a vacation was 2008. I have been working ever since so this year I will try my best to take them on a vacation and experience time away from the laptop and more time for smiles and relaxation.

I really didn’t do a top 10 list because for me, the smaller the better. But here is some information about 2019 resolutions you didn’t know

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I hope this has been a magnet for you to think about your plans starting on Wednesday. Let me know your Top 5 resolutions below in the comment section.

Happy New Year.

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