Here Is The Hacker Who Claims To Have Stolen The Canadian Freedom Convoy’s Donor Information

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On Sunday night, donor information from the crowdfunding website GiveSendGo was hacked, and the information of those who had donated to the Canadian truckers “Freedom Convoy” was released and posted online. Thousands of donors’ information was compromised.

The hacker claiming responsibility for the breach is named Aubrey Cottle, but goes by the name ‘Kirtaner.’

In a Tik Tok video rant, Cottle declares, “Yes I did it! I doxxed the truckers! I hacked GiveSendGo baby!”

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Gone Viral

In the video, Cottle claims to have hacked numerous other websites including Epic Hosting, right leaning sites like Parler and Gab, and former President Donald Trump’s social media website Truth Social.

The screaming Cottle continues, saying that his name can be put in the news tab on Google and “everything I have done” can be found there. He claims to have “been mentioned in every mainstream media publication for the things I do.”

And for those who are blissfully unaware of who he is, Cottle tells them just how famous he is, “I’m not an unknown actor! I’m literally a famous f***ing cyber terrorist!”

The video ends with Cottle telling someone who he called a vile name beginning with a “c” that, “There isn’t proof of sh*t.” 

So far, authorities have not announced who may be responsible.

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Who Is ‘Kirtaner’?

Aubrey Cottle, or “Kirtaner,” has been around for a while. He is credited with being the founder of Anonymous, a hacking group who has targeted groups as diverse as Scientology and the Westboro Baptist Church.

In November of 2020, Cottle was asked on a Reddit chat what he wanted the next generation of hackers to focus on. Failing to see the irony he replied, โ€œPrivacy rights, big data, monolithic megacorporations owning everything about you and your life.” 

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Journalists Not Practicing Journalism

It is not just garden variety hackers who are doing the doxxing of donors to the truckers.

Using the hacked data, reporters from the Washington Post and Reuters are tracking down the donors to badger them about their motivation for donating.

The Ottawa Citizen newspaper wrote an article about the owner of an ice cream shop whose name appeared on the list of donor names hacked from GiveSendGo.

After her name appeared, she began receiving so many threats she had to close her shop. 

GiveSendGo Founder Jacob Wells is calling for the FBI to investigate the hacking and those who may be responsible. 

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