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WATCH: Moment 16-Year-Old Ayrton Little Learns He’s Accepted to Harvard

While most of us couldn’t get into Harvard at any age, Ayrton Little is going viral after video of him being accepted into Harvard was posted on Twitter. Oh, and he’s 16-years-old.

The video begins with Ayrton surrounded by his classmates as he opens the email with his admissions decision. As you’ll see, they all realize instantaneously what that email reads, and it’s a heartwarming moment to watch.

Watch below:

The Twitter account for Harvard Admissions was quick to congratulate him:


Given the timing, it’s the case that Ayrton was admitted into Harvard’s “Early Action” program. According to the Harvard Gazette, Harvard just admitted 964 students into their class of 2022 through that program. That’s compared to 5,666 applicants who were denied (and remember, it’s a pool of Harvard-level applicants). It’s a “non-binding” program, meaning that Ayrton can apply and accept offers elsewhere, but it’s clear that won’t be happening. He told the Huffington Post that “Harvard has always been my dream school.” He also told them that this is the third consecutive year a student from his school has been accepted to the Ivy League, hence the chants of “three-peat” in the video.

“I still haven’t been calm since my brother’s acceptance Friday, but my brother and I realized that we have done the impossible,” he said. “Many of my classmates are also getting their decisions this week. I honestly don’t know when the excitement will die down at this point.”

Unlike most colleges, while a student debt crisis mounts, Harvard provides extremely generous financial aid. If Ayrton’s family earns less than $65,000 a year he’ll be attending for free, and if his family earns below $150,000, his tuition will be less than 10 percent of that. He plans on studying mathematics and computer science.

His brother, meanwhile, was accepted into Stanford’s class of 2022.

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